Posted on May 4, 2012

[A Large, Spiral, Galactic, “OOPS” to all who just viewed this; unfortunately my links led to the last post’s mp3s; Mark doesnot sound like Kerry Cassidy, and Tolec does not sound like Keith Scott. Pardon the mixup!]

In this Ohio Exopolitics Radio show of 4-28-12, Tolec presents information “regarding the Reptilian agenda for the entire Milky Way galaxy and all of its human populated planets, and the catastrophic future they had planned for us.” Tolec also prepared a pdf report of this information, entitled, “Reptilian plan to convert & transform the Milky Way galaxy and all genetically human planets to reptilian ones.”

I would have to say this report presents truly a much larger picture of our “real history” (or “potential” history) than we are used to considering, since most of the time we look at our state’s history, or our country’s history. This presents the galactic agenda which the reptilians had assembled for us. It will not happen. This is a very interesting story.

Thanks to Tolec and Mark Snider for bringing this together.

Each mp3 part below is about 30 minutes long, and 5 MB size. I’ve edited out the music from Parts 1 and 2, but left it in the complete show.

A video version of the show is below the MP3s links.


MP3s Links (click to listen in a new tab or window; right-click and Save-As to download)

Part 1 (~30 min., 5 MB)
Part 2 (~30 min., 5 MB)
Complete show (unedited) (62 min., 10 MB)