tomatoesThe “tomato cure” for the nighttime bathroom blitz

When you suffer from an enlarged prostate sleeping at night can feel a little like dancing the Hokey Pokey — one foot may be in bed, but the other is always out, preparing to dash to the toilet at a moment’s notice.

If you’re dreading another evening of late-night bathroom runs I have a recommendation that may lead to the most restful sleep you’ve enjoyed in years.

Stop tossing and turning, and toss yourself a salad instead! Because a powerful antioxidant Mother Nature has packed into tomatoes may unlock amazing prostate relief that could end the bedtime bathroom blitz forever!

Australian researchers recently concluded a three-month study that asked nearly 60 men between the ages of 40 and 80 to take daily doses of either a placebo or a supplement with lycopene, the ingredient that gives tomatoes their reddish hue and has already been shown to improve your heart health and slash your cancer risk.

Just supplementing with lycopene daily helped men shrink their prostates and dramatically reduce bladder pressure. But here’s the best part — men who took lycopene supplements reduced their nightly bathroom runs by a remarkable one-third!

Two or three fewer toilet trips a night means waking up each day more refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way. It means extra hours spent in dreamland, instead of waking your partner time and again as you waddle to the water closet. Plus, lycopene may be able to stave off more serious prostate problems, like cancer.

It’s really a red letter day for men suffering from prostate problems, all thanks to a little red pigment that could finally help you get a handle on your frequent nighttime urination. Lycopene supplements… or lots of spaghetti… could be the answer to your bedtime prayers.

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