Saturday, October 12, 2013

top-secret-alienThe following “Top Secret” documents were just released a few hours ago by Dr. Bill Weld. His family’s life is now severely threatened and is requesting that these documents go viral.

I took the liberty to compile the two pages he released tonight Oct. 11 and uploaded them to scribd for easy sharing. He also released a public audio announcement on YouTube at this link here…..
You can also read his blog post and additional information about these documents at his website located at this link…….
You may contact Bill at billhweld@yahoo.comReleased by a high ranking military personnel who is now in the process of leaving the country do to threats on his life.

This Top Secret government document from the Department of Defense under DARPA oversight exposes the New World Order agenda to murder the population of the United States.
Two pages were released on October 11, 2013 and more is still to come as soon as it is deemed necessary by Dr. Bill Weld.
Classified docs on “Nano” kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill H. Weld
This is requested to be shared and made viral so as to protect the source and Dr. Weld who is the public gateway point for this highly classified document.