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Posted: 01/5/13 7:38 AM

driverlesscarGiven that California recently became the third state in the US to legalize driverless cars, it should come as no surprise that automakers are attempting to jockey for the lead in what promises to be a tight race into an emerging driverless car market. And although we haven’t seen them perform yet, we do know that our two new entries have one thing: style.

Toyota and Audi will be showcasing driverless luxury cars at the International Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas. Toyota will be rolling out a modified Lexus LS 600h hybrid. Like Google’s driverless Prius the Lexus uses radar, cameras and a laser range finder to navigate road lanes, traffic lights and signs, as well as avoid other vehicles on the road. Audi isn’t offering much specifics on their new car. We saw a driverless Audi TTS race up Pike’s Peak a few years back and then we saw their really slick A2 concept car last year. A spokesman from the company does assure us, however, that the car will not only be able to drive itself, but it’ll be able to search the parking lot for a space and park itself.

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