Wednesday, February 20th



I just spoke with Zorra a few minutes ago. He asked me to take a look at the video of the “meteorite” being “shot down” by a UFO. Yes, by now we have all seen it, including the unidentified flying object approaching from the rear and the resultant explosion of the “meteorite.” I opened that video and said, “Oh yes, I have seen that, but I didn’t see any reason for me to post it … it is all over the Internet.”

Zorra said, “It was MY ship that entered the tail of the ASTEROID. I entered the tail and came out the other side.”

“Wow! It was YOUR ship??? How did you do it???”

“By morphing. I morphed us dimensionally right into the center of the asteroid … then, expanded our force field which blew up the asteroid and you can see me coming out the other side.”
“Zorra … how big is your ship?”

“It is the length of the Titanic … but much wider in circumference, of course.”

“How did you get alerted to arrive so quickly?”

“We were in orbit. I saw it coming in on my monitor. It was sent to my monitor by Creator, and Creator told me to destroy it. And it was an asteroid, NOT a meteorite.”

“Thank you, Zorra! Now I know why I didn’t bother to post all this talk about a meteorite! As usual, we take pride in being the most informed network on the planet! — And be ready on Saturday … I am sure we will have a full call with our Hollow Earth Family. We will be eager to hear all about this from you, in your own words!”


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