I felt so moved by this video that I transcribed it for all of us to read and reflect upon the seriousness of what lies ahead of us.  We truly are at a crossroads and can repair these issues that Lady Gaia and all of humanity face with the help of our friends…..

June 9, 2012

The votes for war and peace have ended.  The results will be announced tomorrow.  The cabal hope to negotiate the terms of their surrender, play their fear card earlier this week that they would fight to the death and take out 2/3rds of the population if we voted for war.  What they hope to gain from these negotiations can probably be guessed, but it’s everyone’s hope that there will be a peaceful transition.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, the following is a declaration from on and off world forces:

“From the Supreme Heart and Mind, Who created Creation, Who created Creator and us, it has been declared that extractions of the cabal have begun. Those extracted will be destroyed.  Those surrendered will be spared and given a choice.  Each day they wait means more will be taken.  And, if there is no surrender by June 21,st they will all perish.  With acceptance of the terms of surrender comes an offer to rejoin The Light, requiring rehabilitation and probation, both under supervision.  Any damage done to humanity or Gaia will be restored.  Failure to accept the terms of surrender will be interpreted as an act of aggression and an act of war.  Since it has been decreed that there will be no more wars, this would constitute a violation of this decree.

If the remaining cabal choose not to be reformed, they will be taken to The Central Sun where they will be extinguished as Sparks of Creation.  If this happens, their very existence will be erased from time.  Everything will be as if they never existed.  For in fact, this will be true.

The bloodlines will be removed from the earth in a couple of ways; they may either choose to be rehabilitated on a more suitable planet or they will be destroyed.  Some may begin again as brand new Sparks of Creation with no memory of their former identity.  But again, those who refuse surrender will be extinguished.  This is the free will we give to them as Our gift.

I would like to say unconditional surrender but unfortunately humanity still feels the need for governments to guide them.  Therefore, for the remainder of this year, we will be responsible for using the tools given to us to return Gaia’s health as quickly as possible.  All residual and corrupt humans left after calling the cabal will be found and extracted.  Choose your representatives carefully.  All that they do will reflect on you the people.  And all dealings will be transparent and accountable.  It will be up to us after the fall of the cabal to use our integrity in cleansing Gaia or suffer extinction via the movement of land and water, as Gaia will need to cleanse herself if we don’t.  The more we do to connect with her, soothe her, the less will be her labor to restore herself to her former glory.  Be thankful for all we have been given, the Divine help that aided us and the redemption and freedom of all that were stolen and enslaved on this prison planet.  Our reward is Gaia’s freedom and the reality of our eternal lives to dance with Her and Creation once again.  Thank you.”

We are the Warriors of the Rainbow

Transcribed by Alexandra Silby-Meadors of galacticconnection.com

 This is a compilation of individual and collective declarations at the table of the Council of the Warriors of the Rainbow, with the off world forces of Creation, Creator, their children, the Supreme Being of Heart and Mind and their children. Let it be known that extractions of the cabal have already begun to aid those on earth on mission to restore the earth and free humanity. These extractions by off world forces, will continue until their extinction or their surrender before June 21st. (Not a channeling).