truckers strike adPete took “Donate” button down. They prefer not using up time or legs to be dispersing donations to where they need to go. Trolls causing trouble on Guerilla Media site about the destination of any donations that come in, sooo Pete suggested for those in DC who are truly interested in participating; if you see a Trucker– offer to fill his tank w/fuel or buy ‘em a meal.

Veterans will be looking for Trucker rides to Veterans’ Memorials Sunday at the DC Bus Metro, for any Truckers who happen to be wandering by there (smiling). The Bus Metro in DC. Should be a happening place on Sunday.

Another website carrying info on Truckers Ride For The Constitution #T2SDA is: freedomoutpost.com/2013/10/ride-constitution-3000-trucks-dc-first-day/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter … #T2SDA Or… (just go to freedomoutpost.com & you’ll find it).

Also photos available: “15 Photos From the DC Truckers Ride for the Constitution You’ll Never See In Legacy Media. #T2SDA @T2SDA” :

Gods Protection & Blessings!