by GLR Liora

Dear Ones,

Many of you ask “why is the Twin Flame Reunion so very challenging in relating? Why do we seem to have to have time apart? We feel so much loving soul connection and yet the conflict is so confusing at times.”
Beloveds, let us tell you the Key SOUL reason for your deep heart questioning.
Your Twin Flame shares the exact same Soul Signature as you. The same vibrational frequency, Soul essence, blueprint that you share with no-one else in the entire cosmos.
This unique frequency has a specific tone that creates specific words. These words give you the full understanding of you both as a Soul and the dream that you share. It also shows you the Core issue for your third dimensional experience of your destiny path. This CORE issue is vibrationally polarised within you, and your Twin Flame shares this polarisation in exact opposite frequency patterning.
Meaning, you both have the same Core Issue, and control it from different polarities, in exact opposite beliefs. in the third dimensional consciousness relating.
This is the merely the perfection of the design of Creation for the third dimensional experience of duality for contrast expansion, however you can now begin to understand that the Key to relating with your Twin Flame is inner equilibrium. Which will naturally then be reflected back from your Twin Flame with harmony.
The extreme vibrational polarity of Twin Flames in patterning , may make it very challenging in a limited third dimensional consciousness, hence, at this time of awakening on Planet Earth the Reunion with your Twin Flame creates the greatest potentiality to come into inner wholeness and completeness via integrating the inner polarity connected to your Soul Signature, showing you the Beauty and Sacredness of the Sacred Twin Flame Reunion and the connection to God and All.
Dear Ones…you are so Loved…we are The Angels..


channeled by Liora