This is a fascinating compilation of exact quotes and persons involved regarding The US’s stance on Israel and Iran on Friends Committee on National Legislation…

Military leaders and other U.S. and Israeli security officials from across the political spectrum have warned that an attack on Iran would likely provoke a full-scale regional war and encourage Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Below is a sampling of quotes from U.S. and Israeli officials cautioning against an attack on Iran. 

Also see quotes from national security experts calling for diplomacy and against sanctions on Iran, and a report from nearly three dozen former U.S. military officers and officials warning of the tremendous costs of a potential war with Iran.

U.S. Officials

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta


“[If Iran were to be attacked] the United States would obviously be blamed and we could possibly be the target of retaliation from Iran, striking our ships, striking our military bases, and there are economic consequences to that attack….which could impact a very fragile economy in Europe and a fragile economy here in the United States.

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