UFO. The UFO has been seen over one battlefield after another (WW II, Korea and Vietnam, among others), and the Persian Gulf War was no exception. What is exceptional is what happened and how it happened. This UFO bit off more than it could chew–and was annihilated in consequence.

The highly classified story is out there on the Internet, but I got it from my own deep contacts, complete with levels of detail simply not available in the link. It all began innocently enough–if you consider a war over oil, disguised as something else, innocent. The air war for Desert Storm began January  15, 1991.The UFO attacked the U.S.S. Wisconsin battle group on January 24, 1991, shortly after the battle group savaged Iraq with highly publicized Tomahawk strikes.This attack consisted of buzzing (overflight at dangerously low altitude) combined with a psionic attack perceived by everyone as an irritating “high piercing sound,” which worsened when the UFO hovered at 2000 feet over the battle group.

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