I am in full possession of the the whole truth surrounding the contents of this film, and much, much more, as is evident, by their being no claim against my possession thereof as presented before the YouTube administration, and The US Federal Government, of whom after forced my good friend, to film an retraction, unto his own most regretful early passing.. .

Given the truth, and full access to limitless numbers of transension crowns, barges, and some a bit larger than most have yet to witness, Billy Meyers is alive and well and is happier now, than he was when he was first introduced to them of whom, one is introduced to from within the following film. . Know that the Earth is very small, and the process of creating an new Earth, and replacing all with much better, never touched for the sake of personal gain, is closer than perhaps you’ve taken notice thereof. Look Up. Your redemption draws near.. . :- ) Remember: The Meek (Them who pull the strings of progress behind the scenes discretely) shall inherit the Earth.. .

All else but what they’ve left of it, will be coming along with us, on the brand new one! Including all the birds, animals, aquatic life, and the spirits of even the plants and trees.. . May I respectfully request, that I may be permissed to share the following film and information with all of my brothers, and sisters of Ashtar Command, in accordance to all the rules and terms of service, presenting less than 1% of the total length of the entity of this presentation film.. .

Another question, that will arise while watching this film is in regards to the origin of the current moon in orbit around the Earth, maintaining the tides, blintz refracted, (gleaning) sunlight, etc.. .


During the most recant, current exodus of the elect of the Earth, for fear of an undetermined Epoch disaster, unto Earth’s past, throughout all of the best times according to their each own, chosen destinations, an second agenda was being carried out, after-which by as many as 500 NWO officials, scientists, engineers, etc.


To set up, deep past, outposts, stockpiled with groups of 100 or more individual technicians, each with singular differing and parallel objectives, deferring to the development of research and technologies, that are less than commonly accepted among the rules and regulations of the UN’s agreements on current-day Earth.. .


As you can only imagine, the development and expansion of said societies, based in an excess of 186 million years in the past, they grew unto huge population, cities, and  whether it seems reasonable to you or not, all of this originated during the Bush administration.. .


As such each ventured out from their each solar planetary destinations, without permission to do so, further expanding gene-pools of ever expanding natures.. .


In 2011 when them of whom do not exist within the same time passage, (span of measurement) from Orion returned to find that there had been an irreversible mistake made, that without dominiative intervention, it was necessary, to track down and rectify all that had been done of an forbidden nature with few exceptions.. ..


As all selfish cowards first concern is based on the core of their nature by description, as an final endeavor past or beyond  self preservation, the NWO blew up the moons, assuring no future or the necessity of an immediate reprisal for the preservation of all remaining life on Earth. ..


And yes I have full film evidence of all that I speak thereof, perhaps yet forthcoming, still mute for executing any desirable or favorable difference, that is capable of preserving life, or imparting peace, life and love from within an impassable correction wave, now held until the forthcoming departure of the chosen ect… ..


An single unrepairable conveyance engine was removed form one of the Orion vessels, that was more than capable of traversing with only one working remaining.  It was much larger than either of the two original Earth moons, however capable of being re-worked to accommodate an fast ongoing continuity of life, with the least amount of disruption, and it was so done, and put in place…


The current Earth’s moon is often changed, or accompanied by additional support, in an effort to accommodate great changes in the energy transfer, and dispersion, among as many close proximity, high energy yielding planetary subjects.


This as well leads to the subject of Glamour.. .  The ability to disguise an subject or circumstance from the notice of them less disturbed by witnessing such enormous localized changes, company or visitors from within the local solar system.. .   As you may have been following, as many peculiar films and them noticing anomalies about the Earth and Sun over the past few years,  these would be a few, brief simplified explanations as to why this is..


All who have chosen to abandon you, in your hour of greatest need, for reasons of selfish ambition have long been captured, charged with their crimes, and are no serving their each individual sentences..


More information upon request…