This is an interesting abductee’s experience off planet…

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and that is why the “moneypeople” here on Earth are afraid of this kind of information to come out – and do their best to frighten the common people away from “spacepeople” and their information on alternatives to the money/slave-society here.

In the year 1958 a man named Artur Berlet (picture) disappears from the city. After 11 days returns and reveals an amazing story of abduction and travel to another planet.






A genuinely transitional story was that of Arthur Berlet, whose alleged 1958 encounter surfaced in 1965. The story begins with classic abduction motifs: stunned by a beam of light, doorway amnesia, wakes up on a bed in a strange environment. Thereafter the story trails off into an exceptionally dull narrative of his adventures on the planet Acart, to where he had been abducted by an insubordinate saucer captain who wanted him to tend the biological specimens. On Acart the contrite leadership gave him a guided tour while expounding on the population explosion. 

Just some information I came across: Wendelle Stevens also put out a book titled something like “Contact from Planet Acart”. This book was about a person from earth who was picked up and taken to this planet for many days.

…After that, we went to the trees and sat down comfortably on some stools similar to chairs that rotated. I put my hands behind my head and, thus remained for some minutes. But in that calm, I commenced to reflect and I saw in my mind an infinity of things that I was still unable to explain satisfactorily. Brusquely, I raised my body and remained seated, resolving to ask Acorc to explain some of these things that I did not understand.
One of these was that, since I had come to Akart, I still had not seen anybody pullout money to pay for anything. We had just eaten a meal with nearly 1,000 people and nobody had paid anything.
With relation to us, I had some kind of explanation, since we had that paper, which could perhaps be a form of requisition by the government; but… the rest?
To clear up this doubt I asked:
“What kind of money do you have here?”
He raised up and sat in the same position as I, right in front of me and said:
“Money? We have no money here on Akart.”

I almost fell on my back, stool and all.
“But how?! But how do they buy things, and pay their employees?”
He gave a sigh and responded:
“Well, this is a very lengthy affair, but I will try to explain to you. Akart was all divided up into countries and each one had their own type of government and money. That being the case when they began to feel the problems of overpopulation, those better off commenced to acquire every palm of our land and thus, those who had money obtained and owned more space than they needed to live, while those less favored by fortune were banished to the streets. This resulted in dishonesty, robberies, several wars, and all the rest. 


Always because of the evils of money. The whole planet was an inferno; a few survived and others in greater number died of hunger, misery and pains. Then when it seemed like all was lost, there emerged the greatest scientist of all times here on Akart.”

“And what did he do?”
“He discovered the means to take advantage of the very energy of the Sun.”
“What did that have to do with the money situation?”
“Many things. Once discovered, he and two more of his followers, invented the arms which we still have.”
“Was he rich or poor?”
“Very rich, but he spent all his fortunes on investigations and experiments which resulted in benefits for all.”
“In what manner?”

“In the following way: When he succeeded in inventing the neutralizer (beam weapon), he told nobody of his invention, but gave adequate proof of what he could do with such a weapon. He threatened all of the countries, that if they could not find a common denominator for their differences, he would use the weapon. He presented a global plan for the salvation of the planet. Then all or almost all accepted and obeyed him. His first step was to abolish all the frontiers, making all of Akart only one country; the second was to level all of the cities to equal rights and obligations. To obtain this, he had to get rid of the money, and this automatically ended profits, speculations, robbery, usury and many other things, proceeding from money.”
“Then he must have been some kind of dictator?”

“No, he did not become directly the Government, but nevertheless gave ideas to others who then put them into practice.”
“Certainly he depended on the support of some strong country?”
“No. It is as I said. Ninety percent of the population of Akart lived in oppression and misery, and thus they understood his ideas and supported him. The remaining ten percent could do nothing, and finally, they accepted also. And as the people helped to install this regime, the sane people had the right to select their governors. They proposed that the scientist be selected, but he would not accept, however he indicated one son of his. That one was selected and became the first Governor of all of Akart. Since the scientist was called the man of the Sun, thanks to his discoveries, his son was called the Son of the Sun. From this proceeded the tradition of calling our president the ‘Son of the Sun’.”

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