I had seen the original video days earlier, but I hadn’t decided to post it because I really couldn’t tell on the video whether the supposed UFO had really been responsible for blowing up the meteor coming into Russia.

This video, though, does show it frame by frame and it is more obvious that this is indeed what may have happened.

This gives me tremendous relief and joy…. because our Galactic Friends had been quiet for a while. This shows to me that in a moment of calamity for Earth and Humanity, they are ready to step in and help.

However, they are not here to clean up our mess… and that includes all the policies and infringements on our rights etc, etc, etc…. that we have allowed to happen by not choosing correctly or not rising up to the occasion to stop it. Taking responsibility and taking action with respect to the situations we face is what we have to do in order to overcome the enslavement and darkness that has enfolded the planet. This is our job, not theirs…


So, here is the breath of fresh air, the hope that we all have sought with respect to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, another example of how they help when it’s “crunch time”: