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A UFO has been filmed through the window of a passenger jet as it was flying near Seattle recently. At least, that’s what it looks and sounds like in the YouTube video attached above and published to the site on Oct. 6. The image is so brief and typically grainy, it’s not easy to say whether it’s a real unidentified flying object or a photographic hoax. But, it certainly looks like the genuine article.

A classic UFO appears to be shadowing a passenger jet outside the window near Seattle
UFOThings 2014

That is, if alien UFO spaceships haven’t changed shape in the last 50 years or so. In the video, the object takes on the classic flying saucer outline, making a shadowy appearance off the right side passenger window as it ducks in and out of the foggy cloud cover obscuring a clearer look at the strange, apparently silent aircraft.

Winking in and out of the clouds, the UFO disappears after about two minutes of shadowing the airliner, as oblivious passengers can be heard going about their business in the cabin. Since the window frame is not visible, there’s no reference to verify the UFO is being filmed outside an airplane. And the audio track is little help, as it sounds like typical passenger activity and conversation, with the participants obviously unaware of the drama unfolding just yards away outside the plane.

Which means, of course, this could be the cheapest kind of UFO hoax. One which doesn’t take much expertise to achieve and actually benefits from the poor quality imagery one might expect if filming out an airplane window, with a cheap camera on a densely foggy day.

In other words, it could be a stunning example of extraterrestrial life unintentionally revealing itself to humanity. Or, the most brilliant UFO fake ever. What do you think? Is this an example of a real UFO caught on video? Or is it just another hoax?