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Ancient alien astronaut stone carving in Spain, does this suggest aliens visited Earth centuries ago?
Ancient alien astronaut stone carving in Spain, does this suggest aliens visited Earth centuries ago?

The mystery surrounding a stone carving that looks very similar to man in a modern astronaut suit dons the northern entrance to a 300-year-old cathedral in Salamanca, Spain. This construction of this cathedral was started in 1513 and completed a little more than 200 years later in 1733, long before space travel was possible on Earth, according to the Epoch Times on Nov. 14.

The astronaut-like figure is nestled among leaves and is noted to have a look of distress on his face. The astronaut suit depicts what looks like a breathing apparatus, with air tubes leading into the helmet coming out of a box on the chest of the ancient space traveler.

The shoes worn by the stone astronaut seem to be created to look heavy and have thick treads on the soles, which is something that would come in handy for places without gravity. The astronaut is in a pose that looks similar to how modern-day astronauts are seen while floating in space.

Is this the work of a long-ago artist depicting an ancient space traveler? This is not the first time an astronaut-like image has been found among centuries old and ancient ruins. As seen on the website Aliens Where Here, “Sky People” are depicted in an ancient stone figure, found at the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala. This image also looks similar to a modern-day astronaut in a space helmet, but it is found on a cathedral built centuries before Earth space travel was possible.

According to Above Top Secret, the Salamanca Cathedral astronaut carving is mysterious and “if this is a hoax, it’s a good one.” The astronaut depicted above the doorway of the cathedral offers much UFO food for thought.

The ancient stone astronaut found over the doorway of the cathedral in Spain is now saturated in controversy. Critics are saying that the astronaut was added when restoration work was done to the cathedral in 1992. UFO enthusiasts believe that the astronaut has been there from the beginning of the cathedral’s erection and that the carving was just repaired in 1992 not added on. The restoration was done a little over 20-years ago, so there must be someone around who remembers if the astronaut was created back then, maybe even the artist who is said to have created this addition?

Epoch Times reports that there doesn’t seem to be any pictures before the restoration or eyewitness accounts of the astronaut being created during the restoration, so the controversy gets even more interesting. Why would anyone add modern touches to artwork created hundreds of years ago? They would more than likely want to preserve the old, not add on tidbits to confuse the issue.

This ancient stone carving in Spain is just one of many creations depicting space travel centuries before space travel occurred from Earth. Ancient hieroglyphics show space ships and even airplanes are found among some of the pyramids. Ancient alien theorists believed space visitors helped them build the great pyramids, like Egypt’s Giza Pyramid. The depictions of a UFO spacecraft appear to remain basically the same through the many centuries right up to what people report seeing today when they have an encounter.

The website Earth Matrix reports on a study of ancient space travel that centers around a discovery in a vaulted room beneath the floor in the Temple of Inscriptions where one of the drawings appear to depict an astronaut. This drawing depicts the astronaut in some type of mechanical apparatus and he is in the same type of position that the astronauts are in during a rocket launch.

Are all the drawings and carvings just figments of ancient artist’s imagination? The many drawings and carvings seem to take the same form and are found in different parts of the world from different eras. This would more likely suggest that people were seeing the same visitors through the ages. To think that Earth is all there is in a universe so vast that no one has yet to fathom the infinity of it all would be rather closed minded. Have visitors from outer space stopped by through the ages?