Once again, as in September (see this KP blog post) a mention of a potential anti-UFO operation has come up (apparently referring to this 10-2-12 John Kettler post), Tolec tells us that this is again a false flag attempt. Here is what Tolec said.


“UFO War In The Pacific”
October 4, 2012

ANSWER: Again, no, no, no. There is not a UFO war going on against the U.S {and/or China} Navy off of the coast of California. Again, look below at the cite regarding the Cabal / Illuminati attempt to hold power, “…the last card is the alien card… we’re going to have to build space based weapons… against the aliens… and it will all be a lie“, “…the last card will be the extraterrestrial threat.” Do you see those words, “… it will all be a lie.”

And now, look at the source of this material dated October 2, 2012, and the words they use, “…the U.S Air Force has entered the fray launching a bunch of payloads… space based weapons… formed the payloads launched.” Really. Is there not a pattern here? Does any of this look familiar? Decide for yourselves.

Posting on 10.2.12 UFO War–Launch After Attack!

John KettlerSince the bombshells of my last UFO War post, the situation has continued to develop. I’ve received word, via highly sensitive terrestrial sources,the U.S. Air Force has entered the fray, launching a bunch of payloads, and not just from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. It’s been confirmed Pine Gap, Australia was not directly involved. Cape Kennedy, Florida, Wallops Island, Virginia and some covert floating Louisiana launch platform, which looks like a barge, were involved.

Though details are practically nil, it is known that space based weapons, anti UFO energy weapons of some sort, formed the payloads launched. Additional word has been received, this time from the Liberation Forces, that whatever went up was assembled in space. Reportedly, 11 anti UFO weapons have been assembled. 11 is a number of deep occult significance, as seen here. Further, it has now been learned, neither the missing Navy warship nor the crew will ever be seen again. The fight’s over, but the Air Force is running scared, and is gearing up to fight a now-dead foe.

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