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Flying disc in-flight, photographer unknown, background modified to avoid infringement
Flying disc in-flight, photographer unknown, background modified to avoid infringement
David Griffin

Anyone who has delved into the UFO arena with more than a passing interest, quickly discovers that this area in particular is riddled with misinformation, disinformation, confusions, and outright lies; and if you continue your quest for truth despite them, you also begin to discover that many well-known people in this area, are actually an active part of the counterintelligence cover-up.

Back in the ‘90’s I remember the frequent buzz and excitement as word would occasionally spread that disclosure was imminent, just around the corner, and the government was about to finally come-clean and admit the truth. Ten years later, we were all still waiting. Fifteen years later we were all still waiting. It was just more lies, continually stringing us along on false hope, in an attempt to drive us into apathy so we would finally give up trying.

And so the lies and denials and cover-ups have continued, and counterintelligence has recruited a new generation of shills to pass disinformation to the masses so that business can continue as usual, and the status quo can be maintained.

As of late however, I have begun to see signs of the next counterintelligence campaign, and the many well-known people I have previously contacted in the UFO investigation field have failed utterly to follow-up on the data I have made available to them, and in most cases, to even acknowledge or return my emails. They were either not prepared to face the truth that they saw, or they were being an active part of the ongoing cover-up, take your pick.

So I think it’s time for some simple, honest truth about the matter, and I’m tired of waiting for someone else to do it. And, as I’m peculiarly qualified to talk about this area, I guess I’ll pick up the ball and run with it.

But in order to truly understand this area, you must also understand another area as well, and that is the true spiritual nature of man. If you hold to the naive fallacy that man is simply a biological creature with a brain and a single lifetime and nothing more, you will never truly understand this area because that is a false and limited viewpoint, and you can never see the whole picture while you are intentionally limiting your own viewpoint with blinders. You will only see what that limited perspective permits, while denying that anything else which falls without could possibly exist. And thus the truth continually eludes you by your very own doing.

Man is a composite being, consisting of a body, a mind or minds (not a part of the body) and a spiritual being or beings. You are not a body which “has” a spirit or soul that goes someplace else when “you” die, but rather, you yourself are an immortal spiritual being who in turn has a mind (or minds) and a body.

A body can die or be killed, but a spiritual being cannot. He continues to exist and be himself beyond his disconnection from a body, and does not “fade away” into the “nothingness” of the cosmos or “become one with the universe” and get “recycled” or anything else along that line, unless he himself decides to try and do that, but even then, he still remains himself, an individual spiritual being. All that has changed is his own consideration about himself (his viewpoint), which at any given moment can change back again.

Exactly what happens to a being after he “dies” (disconnects from his last body) falls into what is the called the “Between-lives Area” and this area in-particular has been most heavily occluded, booby-trapped, and “forgotten” in order to keep the area hidden, and the mechanics and ramifications of what goes on here.

Afterwards, a being, heavily stunned, invalidated, and unaware, can interiorize into a new body, begin a new lifetime, and get back onto the repeating wheel of life, oblivious of their previous lives and experiences, and if the between-lives area was particularly painful and traumatic, they might even become a critic or “debunker” in their next lifetime, trying desperately to keep from looking at that area, and to keep others from looking there as well.

The between-lives facilities are typically staffed by “extraterrestrials”, meaning someone who is not a part of the typical Earth populace, and I find quite frequently the little gray guys with the big black eyes, as well as some of my former “brethren” who appear for all intents and purposes to be regular humans, except that they were born on a different planet in a different solar system not too far from here, or in some cases from other planets and systems as well.

A body is a bit like an automobile. You get into it and drive around for a while till you smash it up or it wears out, then you dump it, and pick up a new one.

A person is not inherently good or bad because of the type of car they drive, and thus a being is not inherently good or bad due to the type or origin of their body. Ethics is a highly personalized thing. It is simply up to the individual being inhabiting the body as to how he (or she) is going to conduct themselves.

Though sex is usually a defined by the anatomy of the physical body, a spiritual being can also take on a male or female “beingness” or identity which may persist through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, regardless of the body they are inhabiting, or they can also change from one lifetime to the next. Though I recall always having a male beingness and bodies myself, I have encountered others who have typically taken on a female beingness and role, as well as others who have alternated from one lifetime to the next.

There is no set pattern, it is up to the being himself (or herself), or this may also be forcefully influenced in the between-lives area to “stick” someone in a body they will be unhappy with and give them a continuous problem in order to tie-up a lot of attention and generate a lot of counter-intention.

The between-lives area is very, very heavily occluded which is why most people do not remember their previous lifetimes, let-alone the between-lives area itself, and attempts to penetrate this area without the proper training or proper technical set-up (gradually discharging and handling other areas before getting into this one) are typically non-productive (the area is too highly-charged, condensed, and solidified) or in some cases may result in an extremely painful headache turning on or other unpleasant or painful manifestations.

Some of the basic mechanics of what goes on there can be understood by examining some of the mind-control experiments and programs developed here, whereas other elements of it cannot be understood without a better understanding of the anatomy of a spiritual being and his mind on an energetic level.

Following is a video which looks at some of the mind control techniques used on a person who is ina body, but some of these techniques (except drugs) can also be applied to a being who is not in a body. It simply requires a higher-level understanding and technology, though both have existed now for a very, very long time.

Creating Mind-Controlled Assets

Uploaded Jan 29, 2013 by Upward Vector
Not too terribly long ago (several hundred years) I was living on a different planet, and like many of my previous lifetimes had a successful military career, and then went into intelligence work. After a time, becoming disillusioned with some of the things they were involved with (assassinations, black-bag operations, etc.), I requested a transfer to Earth. At that time, the intelligence service had quite a few personnel stationed here unknown to the local populace, and I, like other personnel stationed here had multiple identities for use in different situations.

After a time, I also discovered that the intelligence service that I was a part of was running some of the between-lives facilities, and not at all happy with this, I began teaching some of the local populace (I was living in France at the time) about the spiritual nature of man and past lifetimes.

Not too long afterward (12 Feb, 1768), I was picked and removed from the planet, (while someone else took over one of my more well known identities), and was put through what they called the “Exit Protocol” which consisted of many, many months of drugging, electroshocking, implanting, torture, etc., finally capped by a very sadistic and traumatic death at the end. This was intended to make the area so highly-charged that I would never be able to approach it or discharge it, and thus recover my memories from that time period.

Not too long ago, I also produced the following video:

Between-Lives Implanters

Uploaded by Upward Vector on Dec 17, 2012

In part II, we will look a little more closely at the UFO phenomenon here on Earth, and some of what counterintelligence has been working so hard to keep hidden.

David Griffin is the author of:
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