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In connection to Neil Keenan’s post yesterday, NEIL KEENAN LAYS ONE ON INDONESIAN PROSECUTOR – HELL TO PAY, AND HERE IT COMEShe’d like to share that your calls have reached the court house and you have been heard.

Neil and Inchul both have a good rapport with both the high and low courts, and it would

Screen shot by Denise Rednour who does Drake's site for him.

Screen shot by Denise Rednour, who helps with Drake’s site

appear your calls were well received, and they are doing everything in their power to help Martha Wibawa (Nelu). Neil thinks, however, that we need to let them get back to work today, because we have made our point. :) :) :)

Apparently the phone system works this way: When you called in, if the first phone line was busy, your call was kicked over onto a second and then possibly a third phone line, and eventually even to the fax machine. The phone system was so tied up all day that they finally had to unplug the phones and  attempt to do business on their cell phones.

Neil Keenan . . . the other side of the coin! (screen shot by Denise Rednour)

Neil Keenan . . . the other side of the coin!
(screen shot by Denise Rednour)

Hopefully, your calls were seen as a demonstration of how much you care for justice and freedom not only for Martha Wibawa (Nelu), but for everyone on the entire planet. Our warmest thanks to everyone who took the time and made the effort!