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Uranus square Pluto June 26 2012
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We are now facing the first real repercussions of the advent of Uranus moving to square Pluto. The weather patterns are already a huge force in this energy pattern as well as the chaos, unrest, disturbance and turbulence in our global economy, politics and government with rioting, protests all pushing toward a new world order.  This roller coaster ride is ramping up.  Get in shut up hang on and enjoy the ride-wave arms at own risk.  “Danger Danger”-Lost in Space fans. Down the rabbit hole just in time for tea.  “Under Pressure”-Queen and Davie Bowie.  Seal ” Crazy”. Doomsday theories are rampant on this cycle creating a wave of fear.  The state of the weather and extreme disasters with floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, storms becoming more and more explosive  is really a barometer of how this energy is manifesting.

This will be a time of significant beginnings and inevitable endings. This energy is awakening and jolting whether big or small and awareness is the key.   This is the shift everyone is waiting for. It’s already been in motion and its not something we haven’t experienced before-its another cycle which history has shown us before so we can trust in reviewing these times with some hindsight and preparation.  It has far reaching potential in either direction as does any powerful energy and if constructively contained, we have enormous possibilities.  Unfortunately those who are not awake and are functioning in fear, survival, power and in the ego are the ones who will most certainly feel the ramifications although nature has no mercy and the universe operates impersonally.

Uranus rules chaos, abrupt change, radical disorder, disruption, rude awakenings, rebellion, storms, volatility, turbulence and upheaval and Pluto destruction, rage, debt, death, shared resources and corporations and there is no doubt about the irregular, unusual  and volatile repercussions culminating as Uranus and Pluto crash into each other in a square formation in the coming years.  Commonplace in the last few months with very unusual weather where its raining and hailing one hour and sunny skies the next.  I have been anticipating  and watching this aspect with growing attention and concern in the last year as we see it coming closer to its first exact aspect.  Earthquakes would be very fitting with this type of energy as Uranus rules shocks and sudden shifts as would issues around flight as Uranus also rules over aviation.

Uranus square Pluto 2012-2016Uranus came into its closest aspect with Pluto August 2011 and will continue in this aspect until 2016.  Uranus square Pluto will begin to move toward the free fall and wild whipping frenzy in mid 2012. What felt very much like a pinnacle point and marker was my cat killed a bird today. It was very shocking and disturbing watching the poor helpless bird lie suffering in its last moments struggling with its last breath where I was unable to provide any protection or safety.  The last time my cat caught a bird I was able to get him to release it but it was too late this time.  Not that this is anything unusual where nature takes its instinctive role although it felt very poignant and raw with the destructive cruelty of the inevitable we can’t escape which appears very analogous to Uranus Pluto.

The building collision course orb of Uranus square Pluto is where the heavily slated worst case scenario will manifest just as we see much strain, pressure and burst during any waxing aspect typical of a gravitational pull to a Full Moon.  The closest this aspect came to full contact was the summer 2011 within 1 degree with Uranus at 4 degrees Aries and Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn.  The next strong pressure point is building the months before June 2012 when the first exact aspect hits at 8 degrees.  The fixed star Facies will be sitting on this degree point over Pluto.  Facies is an unfortunate energy-full of war, conflict, combat, danger to breaking limbs, risk taking, adventure.  This is a very strong energy that needs direction. This is all occurring around a major Solar Eclipse May 20 2012.

Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) also rules revolution, originality, liberation, individuality, independence, restlessness, instability, the bizarre, the unconventional, the weird, the oddball off the wall, genius, scavingly brilliant ideas, unpredictable and unexpected turns, excitement, electricity, sparks,  thunder,  lightening, communities, groups, humanitarianism.  Uranus also rules social groups, friendships and social media.  New unique and unusual ideas, friendships will be formed with the revolution and exponential growth of social media which has opened up doors and expanded our horizons moving toward alliances that gather us globally in the spirit of the Age of Aquarius. Uranus the zeitgeist-no security or guarantees-flying from the seat of your pants.

Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) also rules transformation, the underworld, dark hidden matters, fear, phobias, survival, power struggles, deep intimacy and penetration, insurance, investments, inheritance, taxes, corporate take overs, big business, bankruptcy, degeneration and regeneration and permanent change.  Pluto demands and forces deep root extraction, drilling out any decay.  Pluto demolishes and removes debris, digging deeper mining for your gold-a ” journey to the center of your mind”, your true purpose or inner core realization or truth.  But Pluto pushes toward survival of the fittest mentality in stress which further aggravates violence, crime, competition and lessons cooperation.  Suffice it to say, root canals of the worst kind could be brought to the surface both literal and metaphorical. As stated by Franklin D Roosevelt during the last Uranus square Pluto aspect in 1933-”The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

Together Uranus and Pluto are a combustible mix – explosive with the Electro (Uranus) Magnetic (Pluto)  pull converging energies together where things may blow up in your face.  Aries is about new beginnings, discovery, adventure, trailblazing, leadership, war, activism, anarchy and autocracy.  Here is the perfect recipe for extremism, uproar and turmoil. The unrest seeps into everything with breakthroughs toward new developments leaving behind stagnating structures. Uranus rules technology and in Aries we will see rapid advances and ideas put into execution with the action oriented principles of Aries, getting things started and moving forward.  Pluto in Capricorn steers the invention ship off through structure and control all in good measure which creates a climate of innovation.  With Pluto ruling mutual funds, shared resources and investments and Uranus volatility, we can expect some major shake up and correction with the markets.

Uranus square Pluto 2012-2016Historically Uranus Pluto aspects have brought rapid and exponential development and invention in technology and science.  It makes for a very exciting time for unique and progressive discovery (Uranus Aries) seen with many new developments already in the early phases such as string theory, quantum mechanics, nanotechnology and the newly proclaimed study on neutrinos moving faster than light challenging Einstein’s relativity theory.  Uranus demands change as one true guarantee where nothing remains the same.  Viva la difference and originality where Uranus is anything but ordinary. Change is disruptive but a necessary step in evolution-these are cleansing times ahead moving away from any outdated and worn out systems, practices and principles.

Mars moved in to build a tsquare with Uranus Pluto in the 2nd week of August 2011, a time period for any reckless energy, accidents, impulsiveness, anger, antagonism and violence.  I always quiver when Mars comes into contact with Pluto or Uranus and most with the early cardinal degrees in their chart may have felt the impact.  Mars will move into Libra in mid July 2012 and create a tsquare with Uranus Pluto once again which will no doubt bring up crisis and chaos.  Anyone that has cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) points at 8 degrees (born beginning of January, April, July and October) may well feel this up close and personal.

There is no denying the major changes to come with not only the weather with the recent tornadoes and floods but with the building momentum with the weather and current climate in everything from politics, relationships, families, careers, financial and government structures.  The unrest in the Middle East, the continuous rioting and terrorist attacks, protests and the recent bombing out of Norway are just some of the stirrings and fits of rage (Pluto) that will become more pronounced the next few years. We could be faced with the repercussions of what may come to haunt us due to the execution of Osama Bin Laden where an eruption stills seems to be brewing with threats from the backlash of Al-Qaeda. Uranus rules groups and shock/Pluto destruction and death and much of what is occurring is in shocking proportions with disturbing consequences.

This pressure mounted with the New Moon (Solar Eclipse) July 1 2011 in Cancer with the last thread of the Saturn Pluto Uranus square which set the tone for what will transpire with the first full encounter of Uranus square Pluto in June 2012. The New Moon was at 9 degrees Cancer square Saturn as Saturn Pluto Uranus moved within orb.  Obama has played into the tone for the further development of the Middle East upheaval while leaving the future of their destiny in their own hands with our troops moving out.  I don’t think the timing could be better for an exit strategy out of what will be the next rapid reformation, but now under the spotlight of the Middle East as their next evolution.  We also had the US in danger of default (Pluto ruling debt) and the European economy teetering with a threat of  collapse and the extreme consequences.

As we felt a strong thrust and gust of the Uranus square Pluto wind in the last few years, we reached a critical marker of the cardinal tsquare of Saturn Pluto Uranus Jupiter.  We now begin to see the escalating impact of conflict as nations have begun their fight for freedom  with a cross of matter stressed, demanding action and change.  The transit of Jupiter square Pluto join Uranus in February 2011 showed the extreme purging and the rage bursting in the Middle East as Jupiter brings expansion and exposure as it touched on the Uranus Pluto square.  Snowballing from Egypt to Bahrain to Syria and Libya and onward in a matter of weeks as we built closer to transit Jupiter square transit Pluto.  We saw the first drill of surgent upheaval with demonstrations starting to swell with angered fury with activists storming through the streets raging in righteousness.

Rebellion, discord, disturbance, and violence for justice around the explosive events with the absolute need for reform are a Uranus Pluto signature.  Mass disintegration is  happening with structures and government (Pluto Capricorn) which are being shaken (Uranus) to the core with mass protests spreading and igniting fire and a life of their own with much turmoil and aggravation, much of this already begun with the entry of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 at the timing of the economic crisis .  Uranus rules outside the box mentality and change and in Aries-unique new ways for change.   The government is represented by Saturn and Capricorn and with Pluto in Capricorn we are seeing the dissolution of systems we have learned to rely and depend on becoming less secure and stable.  Governments globally are faltering and  distressed with debt and chaos where we are seeing constant dismantling of hierarchies. With the US election mounting in November 2012, this is certainly heralding a sign of the times.

Every revolution from the English to the French to the European and Russian to the American has had its day and mostly during Uranus Pluto aspects. The Middle East is due for their revolution and it’s clearly in an uprising with an escalating domino effect; something I saw inevitable with the autocratic dictatorship and ruling needing a force for freedom and democracy.  The dooms day and fear rants of 2012 are no doubt going to get a strong push in the next while-the angst felt by this aspect is being felt globally and everyone will have a different perception as to how they experience or express it.  Historically, there has consistently been extreme events and activity during Uranus Pluto transits. The last time Uranus met Pluto was in the mid 60’s as a conjunction and in the early 1930’s as a square during the Great Depression around the time when the Glass Steagall act in 1933 where more enforcement for SEC was enacted.

Collectively transits such as Uranus Pluto are major milestones. Uranus Pluto cycles move rather slow as we experience only a few in a century. History does in fact repeat itself in resembling themes. Those born with Uranus Pluto in some aspect such as those in the 1930’s (square) are now approaching a Uranus return and Pluto opposition with a Uranus square Pluto theme once again if they are lucky to live to this ripe age, those reaching their early 80’s. Those born in the 60’s who were born during the Uranus Pluto conjunction, myself included  will come to a turning point cycle from seeing what was planted as new beginnings in the 60’s and the seeds sown that will now show climactic results with the Uranus Pluto square.  Uranus shone as to its birth in March 1781 as we knew it in its discovery just previous to a Uranus Pluto opposition in 1792, showing the typical fruition of the opposition.  I wouldn’t doubt Uranus was somehow suspected in the early 1700’s with the Uranus Pluto conjunction around the time of the Industrial Revolution with Uranus, the father of innovation.

Uranus square Pluto 2012-2016Much new movement occurred around Uranus Pluto conjunctions with the European revolution, and soon after the American Civil War around the 1850’s, the burgeoning 1960’s, the Elizabethan era in the late 1500’s. A common thread throughout the conjunctions was the development of prosperity and sustained growth and expansion and its thought of the time that began the modern “Golden Age” very much promoted by the frugal govern of Queen Elizabeth in the Elizabethan era and the Renaissance.  The Uranus Pluto conjunction around the Elizabethan era and the time of Shakespeare and the English Renaissance late 1500 to early 1600 shows a strong resemblance to the 1960’s movement of artistry, hippie bohemian culture, music that purges the depth of the soul.

One cannot deny the explosive growth and immense cultural fever of these times that left an indelible psychic stamp we will never forget. Conjunctions are new beginnings and new cycles where new ideas and thoughts become actions taking execution in the square and to fulfillment at the opposition.  The French Revolution would demonstrate that opposition and resultant fruition and crisis culmination that built from what started during the Uranus Pluto conjunction in 1710 around the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Anything that transpired into birth in the 1960’s is now in its execution stage with technology, music and science.

Each cycle has its momentum from the conjunction (beginnings) to the square (action) to the opposition (fruition and consequence) not unlike the lunar cycles. The critical periods around oppositions such as the French Revolution  and the turn of the century in the 1890’s with Communism emerging and the Russian Revolution showing the resulting stresses and consequences an opposition of Uranus Pluto would entail and the critical marker of time.  Squares are usually the momentum point through a cycle. It’s safe to say that those born in the 60’s are reaching a peak in their life as those born in the 1930’s were also reaching a peak period in the 1960’s.

Because of the slow movement and cycles of these outer planets, the effect and influence is longstanding.  During these periods not only with sudden radical change socially and politically but also massive scientific and technological advancement and discovery with major development in quantum mechanics, electricity, physics, from space flight to computer technology. The Uranus Pluto energy creates a combustion cocktail of violent outbursts, eruptions and uproar, convulsions of fury and angst and wild abandon with rebellion against the “establishment” and  breakthroughs in any repressed behavior with mobbing behavior (gangs) and stronger banding together of groups, communities and a collective force.

I noticed and also paid attention to the period between the 1960’s and today where Uranus and Pluto aligned harmoniously in a sextile formation from the late 1980’s to the mid 1990’s.  This period seemed to coincide with riding the wave of the development from the 1960’s until its imminent need to further grow (Uranus) at the crossroads square and develop with the impending demise (Pluto) needed as creation and destruction work through evolution.  This demonstrates the very essence we are moving into of shifts necessary to move us into the next stage of evolution collectively.

With the building of the Uranus Pluto square we had Jupiter moving into Taurus  June 2011 as it harmonizes with Pluto which might either mitigate the storms brewing or let them take a full banana peel slide as trines tend to be the path of least resistance and full throttle flow without any walls in the way.  With an energy such as Uranus Pluto, Jupiter may just expand it and make things that much more explosive, intense and overwhelming.  With Jupiter Taurus textile to Chiron Pisces, there is some hope for peaceful resolution and curtailing the gritty frenzy of Pluto Uranus if not at least for this year, 2011.  Jupiter Taurus will meet up and harmonize with Pluto again in March 2012 and give another blessing before things start to unravel.

What is ahead for us with Uranus Pluto is really a wild card.  Whether its effect hits us up close and personal or collectively as a group and global level, the impact will be apparent.  Uranus will square Pluto in tight orb up until 2016.   Health wise Pluto rules the sex organs, the reproductive system and elimination – bladder, colon, uterus, prostrate as well as the head.  Pluto also rules anything chronic and degenerative, being in Capricorn could bring up issues relating to anything Saturn ruled (skin, bones, knees) and Uranus anything vascular (arteries, ankles ) as well being Uranus is in Aries-headaches, head injuries, eye ailments.  Uranus also rules accidents. I have seen more and more ankle injuries lately as well as sudden freak accidents.

I know I see it coming for me as it impacts me very personally as transit Pluto sits over my ASC as transit Uranus  in the 3rd house will square it.  The 3rd house is associated with accidents so needless to say I am watching this with great caution. I have just gotten over food poisoning which seems to be happening to me more than usual (Pluto-poison).  I suffer with migraines more which can be attributed to Uranus which rules anything vascular and electrical which is really the essence of migraines. I get them more noticeably with Uranus aspects.  I also noticed lately how strong my veins look in my legs too! Migraines are very much associated with barometric pressure and with the spikes in the weather patterns-migraines are that much more prevalent and acute.  Hopefully with my awareness, I can dodge the worst case scenario with these pressing energies and redirect it into constructive useful channels.  I am ready to ride the wave  in front of me, take the wheel instead of being taken for a ride-as well as help anyone else who may also be in the throes and wake of this pernicious energy pattern.


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