MTKesheUrgent message The Keshe Foundation under heavy attacks

As you have noticed the Foundation, the site of the Foundation and the forum in the past three weeks have been under heavy attacks by creating traffic on the servers.

These attacks have been orchestrated by nations and major cooperation’s on the Keshe Foundation website and not by individuals.

We have two choices; to allow these attacks to go unanswered and shout down or we as organization of Keshe Foundation find a correct and peaceful method to overcome the situation.

My suggestion to our webmasters has been to allow every nation and whoever can to load and make a copy of the Foundations website and forum, and as one server gets attacked the others open the channels to their server.

In fact this will not allow any server to be jammed or block as now several tens of servers will carry the site.

This is collective stand against those whom want to silence the technology, now you understand why we have been so cautious, as now that we have started showing the reactors and other scientists are doing the same, they (others) are trying to bring the technology to a stop.

If you have access to a server, where we can download our website securely, please contact me direct and give the Foundation access to it.

If you can donate server space to the Foundation as service to the Foundation and what we are trying to do for the humanity then organize as many server accesses for us to load our website securely, which we control for even one month and two months at the time.

The point is that if the technology was not real then nations would not have spent hundreds of thousands and millions of euros to organize such an attack on one the most powerful servers and its mirror to stop the process.

As we have given the technology freely to you, now it is time that you stand for your rights and protect your interest.

We do not fight, but find peaceful solution for the problem.

The solution is that to carry on and load the website on as many servers that can carry a copy of the website, then these people ( nations and mulitinationals) cannot block the technology and this is what we exactly did with our patents.

We need as many servers as possible to be given access to for our website to be loaded to and we need them as soon as possible.

This way we allow world scientists to bring the technology into collective operation as we have seen in the past weeks, without these organizations and nations forcing to shelve or block the technology.

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe
The director of the Keshe Foundation