I always look forward to this Friday night update….however I did not expect this update!  Listen to this news synopsis of what is going on with breaking stories from London involving UFO disclosure! This would take place between August 4th or between August the 2nd and the 5th.  But it may happen even earlier! An agreement may have been met between world leaders and the Galactic Beings who are here to assist our transition into The Golden Age.


Here are notes from this recording:

The leaders have been given a specific deadline to accomplish things to the point of disclosure where The Galactics/The Federation walk amongst us in the open.  For example:

Ancient Aliens was allowed to air to question and present theory.  The show was  “fast tracked.”

Chasing UFO’s was allowed to be brought onto the network.

Building and filming of more credible witnesses in order to release this information in the U.S.  Some news agencies have delayed it or put it on hold.  A lot of movement right now.  Everyone scrambling to get ready for this news!

Very intense talks going on regarding how can we reduce the timeline?  A plan has been laid out but there has been disruption of the time plan.  Many have become impatient and this deadline was given that if something is not done within the next 24-48 hours, The Galactics would take steps to provide a “presentation” at the olympics.  I find this very interesting as there is INCREDIBLE security at the Olympics, so much so that it has received immense media coverage.

Trying to increase awareness before December 21, 2012.  August 4th is a huge portal date!  There are several of these dates (portal opportunities) between now and then to assist in human’s tremend

The latest crop circle was a potential warning.  They are eluding to August 4th as the deadline date.ous leaps of consciousness.

“They have begun in earnest the steps to take the overwhelming presence in our sky in the days ahead.”

Queen Elizabet6h was in attendance at this meeting. Asking for a pardon on a couple of different issues.  She was asking for certain things BEFORE disclosure took place.

There was supposed to be an official release date of secret documents but still some Illuminati interference to prolong disclosure.

Human evolution has to be organic, assisted by our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.  Once we can take on 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional thinking, then this can happen.  They can’t just land here and intervene in our evolution.  Disclosure is just a piece of the evolution.

Discussed how Obama is a Lightworker working with his walk-in.

There could be live coverage, revealing a live space ship meeting, athletes could expose themselves as galactics or mass UFO sitings, etc.  This is possible since the entire world is watching right now.

Off Blogtalk Site:

Tonight’s regular edition of CVN has been pre-empted, due to a special breaking news show earlier today.

Sierra Neblina, a Pleiadian was on the show to share her connection to a potentially unfolding event at the
London Olympics. 

Several crop circles reported recently have indicated that something could happen on or around August 4th.
Several messages from channelled sources also had indicated the possibility that something could unfold within
a week or two.

Sierra shared that she ‘saw’ a very intense meeting involving numerous world leaders, the Queen and members
of our galactic families.   The galactic families were informing the leaders of the world that they are moving
too slowly with transitioning global affairs, and if they were not willing to announce disclosure by or before
the 4th of August, that the galactic families would be taking disclosure into their own hands.   Sierra reports
that several plans were being discussed, but that there also appeared to be some disagreement as to how the
issue of disclosure should be introduced to the people of the world.

Also at this meeting, it was reported by Sierra that the Queen was demanding exoneration from her crimes,
in exchange for surrendering to disclosure. 

Sierra also reported that a solution, albeit perhaps a tentative solution has apparently been reached, although those
details are not yet available at this time.

Cosmic Vision News will not be heard at its regular time this evening.  My apologies for the very late notice!
CVN will be staying on top of this potentially huge story, and updates will come as necessary.

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