Dear Cobrasssss and Lightworkers of the World,
KingCobraI have a sincere and heart felt request for prayers of protection and support for our emissary of light and Friend Cobra. While is San Marteen he was visited astrally by a group of Archons. This is a real phenomenon you may read about a similar attack and confrontation in “the Christ consciousness” by Norman Paulsen. He was a disciple of Yohganandas and was severely attacked by Archons who appeared to him and told him. “We are gonna get you now Paulsen”. This was also attempted on Christ in his time in the desert after his baptism. You may also read about this type of thing from George King of the Aetherious society.
I am sure many of you have also been the targets of such attacks as you grow in awareness and service to the light. I myself and many others from the Laguna conference remarked on “difficult times”. Though cobra remains physically free from harm or direct attacks by the cabal there are such protection from psychic attacks or targeting those around him to distract him from his mission.
These negative forces often attack others around us or influence situations that are indirectly related to our personal life. This causes a major distraction to the life and subsequently the mission and the service of the one under such attack. For the most part this has been standard operating procedure for any and all light workers or searcher of truth for over 30 thousand years. As we move forward toward our inevitable victory of the light these few remaining astral and even physical archons know their time is at hand and the vehemence and agitation they provoke is especially powerful. Like a shark that is on a boat but still alive so are the Archons now. Watch out for their teeth they can still cut you.
This is not to deny our responsibility as humans and the absolute power of our decisions and the choices we make in our individual lives. Ultimately our victory is one of inner peace and a sacred devotion to spirit and the inner life. In the end the material world is fleeting and temporary and only the eternal truth remains as who we are. Still we all now know that we have been manipulated and controlled for Eons by a hostile negative force.
After the space ship that protected the Laguna conference left us we have had some major obstacles. In my personal life my Vehicle was towed due to a paperwork error and it cost me more money than I could afford and it got a lot worse but I will spare you the details. I am not complaining just explaining. We can all weather these storms of dark for a short time as the end of ignorance is now in total view and a brighter day awaits us all. We must all stay strong in these final days.
I have spoken with Cobra about this direct communication from the archons and assured him this is actually a great compliment as a personal visitation is reserved for those who’s light is particularly strong. Still the energetic attack has wreaked havoc for him and he is personally undergoing a challenge to maintain his focus through the planned attack and distraction by the dark side.
I have decided to make an appeal to those of you light workers with a loving intent, faith, a conviction in truth, a love of the light and the knowledge and experience of power of Prayer. I am asking you all to help me in my support and by joining me in a group prayer “mission” for Cobras protection and healing.
I ask that we collectively create our own prayer  “Light Wave of Love and Protection” for Cobra. I further request that this “love bomb” be extended to those in his family and those around him also. My proposal is that we become “The secret” in action. I will enlist you all to invoke with a sincere and heartfelt way your mighty IAM presence to beam directly to Cobra and his loved ones, wherever they may be : a shield of violet flame and a protection that will make him free from any outside attack or negative influence. I further ask that you try to do this at least 3 times a day until we all arrive in Egypt for the 12-21-2012 portal activation.
I will offer my own small prayer but I ask each of you to use your own words as I feel the sincere intent should be invoked on an individual basis to make it more powerful. My idea is that since we have some many Cobrassss around the world that we can enfold our friend and emissary of light in a constant wave of love and healing to make the way clear for his service and to help ease his path forward. Cobra is human like you and me and has daily struggles, as do we all. It has been a long time since one person has been physically in contact on a regular basis with the GFL and resistance and giving the world the truth in such constant and consistent unadulterated doses straight from the source.
The dark is very agitated and upset that this is happening and they are doing all in their power to upset the Cobra’s mission. I ask you to go within and decide if this mini mission I am requesting of you is within your power?  Is it something you can do for the light and furthering of spreading the truth of hope and love and truth! I am not asking for money so you can all relax. (Humor is good no?) If you can answer affirmative to my query I ask you to right now as you read this to take a moment and compose a prayer from your heart.
Then with a full confident voice and a clear resonant decree direct it to the source of all creation the GFL the resistance and to all the angels in heaven who hear your call to aid and assist our Emissary of Light and to protect cobra his family and those around him from harm and attacks whether they be emotional, physical or upon the spiritual fabric of cobra and those around him. Do this in the name of God or Christ, Allah or Krishna or even the impersonal infinite light. The request will be received and the law will take effect.
I am not suggesting a schedule but whenever you think of the plan or cobra or anytime you see the sky just offer up a prayer of thanks and support to cCobra and see Cobra’s family and loved ones in your minds eye. Hold them all in a loving embrace of light and love. Bolster his faith renew his body and urge his soul onwards and gift him with your loving power to help him forward to anchoring the truth and light into our world.
I thank you all for this help right now we are most grateful and I know the result will be evident soon. Do not second guess this or feel you have no influence! Everyone of has a role to play and right now I pray you all join me and at least mentally affirm the following prayer.
“Eternal mother father god creator of the universe hear this day my urgent prayer surround your loving emissary of Light Cobra and his loved ones with a Ring of Fire The Fire of your Protection, the Fire of your Abundance, the Fire of complete healing. I further ask that you calm Cobra’s body mind and heart that he may continue to serve your   plan with all the love and the light his soul is capable of giving. I ask this in the blessed name and the spirit of truth the source of all that is good beautiful and true.
 Aloan, Lumina Amen.”
Thank you cobra family for your time and effort and consideration in doing this because it does mean something they way we pray all reality is really ideation coalesced into form. May this living word, thought of creation and love fill us all with hope and peace. Together united we stand in allegiance to the light
Thank you
Rob Potter
Robert Lyne Potter
Mailing Address
Laguna Beach,Ca.