A bombshell exploded at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on April 30, 2013, in Washington, D.C., when retired USAF Tech Sergeants John Burroughs and James Penniston announced their intention to bring a federal lawsuit against the Veterans Administration (VA) in an effort to obtain medical benefits and to remedy injuries sustained in the line of duty at Bentwaters RAF Base in December of 1980.

If the lawsuit comes to trial, the Sergeants who witnessed a UFO at RAF Bentwaters will bring out the significant series of events. All those shown testified at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The career United States Air Force veterans claim the government is denying them information that would allow proper treatment for injuries sustained in the line of duty as base security NCOs at the US airbase at RAF BentwatersPhoto Left to right Nick Pope, James Penniston,

John Burroughs and lawyer Patrick Frascogna, Esq

Sergeants Penniston and Burroughs were the first on-scene responders to a potential base incursion by a UFO Penniston actually touched the UFO and both have been denied access to their military medical records that may show the effects of the UFO on their bodies.

The UFO incident has been denied by the government despite the release in 1983 of amemorandum by the then-Deputy Base Commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt to the British Ministry of Defense confirming the incident. The VA has utterly denied benefits to the pair and further obfuscated any release of medical records on the incident without reason preventing any proper treatment.

By filing a federal lawsuit, the pair intends to force disclosure of the details known to their chain of command pertaining to the incident that would prove useful in treatment of their respective conditions. The pair has made repeated inquiries as has Arizona Senator Jon Kyl to obtain their classified records. Watch their testimony at Thanks to Larry Lowe.