Colours CAN enhance our lives for the better.

Several of the old civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians practised a method that used a system of colours to increase health and wellbeing.

Colours were important to them and they regarded it as symbolic too!

Studies have explored the relationship between the human body and colours.

For example researchers at the University of British Columbia analysed the effect of colour on students and found that students scored HIGHER on “detail-oriented” assignments, when completing them on a red background.  In 2000, the city of Glasgow installed blue street lighting in certain neighbourhoods and subsequently reported reduced crime in these areas (according to the news sources.)

I personally find using colours in my life very helpful to shift focus, lift awareness and raise energy levels.

It also helps to create a certain energy field.

Often I may wear the colour itself or carry something on me with the colour.

Sometimes I may use art or makeup containing the colour. Or sit in a room lighted with the colour.

Depends on my situation as to how and when I use colours!


Many angels and galactics use the colour frequency to help their souls raise higher. They blend and share colours to increase wellbeing.


You can use the following colours to balance you in the areas that you feel you may need it.

This is my own guide to the Colour spectrum. It’s upto you how you want to use it.


To ground yourself with creativity on Earth, to experiment, to cheer up, to play and awaken your soul to higher callings.


To cleanse, to calm, to feel at ease. To be strong YET sensitive to the higher nature.


For intellect and deep knowledge. To connect to higher dimensions.


For intelligence, calmness, and knowledge.


Remembering and tapping into creative god spark. Use to increase creative awareness, intuition.


To feel peace. Alive. Balanced. Use to make life goals concrete, in reality.


For increased fun, joy, playfulness and innocence.


Happiness, fun bursting forth.


For strength in any situation, to be at the centre of good energy (set intention.)


Stability, harmony, balance. Protects aura.

How the colours work depends on YOU. Your attraction to certain colours may be signs that you need to use it more often to balance out in your life.

Understanding the effects of colours can also help in rediscovering your power within and create meaningful purpose in your life depending on the situations!

Use it wisely to enhance your life whilst balancing your body and mind,


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