Gold dropping at $100 an ounce? China’s GDP dropping? Last time this percentage change happened was in the ’70’s. All metals hit at the same time. Demand for physical is off the charts. A record sale delivery on silver eagles. Seeing an actual break on paper market. Japan on the verge o hyperinflation. The Euro Zone is melting down. Money held from Cyprus money holders. Pretty soon we will be out of gold? 3/4’s of all mining companies will be bankrupt with in 6-12 months? only allowed to mine 55 ounces every 8 hour shift at Rio Tinto (one of the two top largest mining companies in the world) mine?  Can not possibly keep up with physical demand from public.  Seeing delivery delays, product sell outs, etc.  Can not pretend anymore that they are really doing any mining for silver.  When gold begins to fall it foretells major economic changes.  Collapse of mine in Utah was predicted and is effecting the market but how that much reduction of silver and gold will effect it remains to be seen due to controls by Cabal. -A.M.

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