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 I love the way he connects the dots with all of this information….check it out and see what is hitting your “gut” or as many say the “seat of the soul.”


Here’s the deal… I’ve got several “indications” during the past few days that something might be “calling to be addressed”. So here’s my list, in chronological order.

  1. 3-16-14: The Montague Keen message comes out. It mentions, “…the major ley lines in ROME… I ask that you concentrate on this on the Vernal Equinox (Lady Day, 25 March [3-25-14]) or as near to that date as possible for you… this is The Big One!… to bring about the release of the spiritual lines of energy that will reconnect you with All That Is.”
  2. 3-19-14: Got a text message from G., something about getting together to do the “Monty Keen” thing on 3-25-14. I text back that I do not feel drawn to it.
  3. 3-20-14: I download the Kevin Annett interview and listen to a bit of it. He entions that “the Pope is not really the Pope”, and all this and that.
  4. 3-21-14: I notice Jean Haines post about an event to “Flood the Vatican State with Light”. The illuminate Vatican photo really “hits” my innards.
  5. 3-21-14: This leads me to the original post at (she mentioned the Cobra “Window of Opportunity“). So I read this and it states, “the most important place to flood with Light right now is the Vatican State.” Got another “hit” of my Innards.
  6. 3-21-14: Somewhere in here, in my Facebook news feed, I see this… “GLOBAL MEDITATION TO CLEAR LEY LINES VIA EIGHT EGYPTIAN OBELISKS IN ROME”. On 3-25-14. Another “hit” of my Innards.
  7. 3-22-15: Got an email that the latest ÉirePort came out. It states, “Final ‘old paradigm grid point’ removal occurs with agreement of Gaia and inhabitants.” I immediately get that the “final grid point” is The Vatican. And another “hit” of my Innards.
  8. 3-22-14: I see, and listen to the Kevin Annett “The Pope is NOT the Pope” video (posted here). One more “hit” of my Innards from that.

So, the deal is, I’m going to participate in this, and invite all who feel drawn, to come as well. Basically, I intend to follow the process outlined by Alexandra in her GalacticConnections posting.

1) Sit and connect to Source through the Galactic Central Sun. In case it makes it easier for you the Galactic Central Sun for our Milky Way Galaxy is in the sign of Sagittarius. Imagine a bolt of light leaving the Galactic Sun and entering your energy field from above. Imagine this for a while. Feel the Presence of Mother Father One connecting to your I AM source at the base of your heart.
2) Before we move on it is beneficial to feel the energy from Source also connecting to the heart of Gaia through the soles of your feet. Bring also Gaia’s healing green energy up into your heart.
3) Ask now to be connected to Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame and imagine it also entering your heart.
4) Ask to be connected to Saint Germain’s Violet Flame and see it anchoring within your heart.
5) Imagine that you have a torch in both hands now and that you are directing the Blue and the Violet Flames through these torches towards the Vatican State and all those involved in the running of the Vatican Bank and the worldwide banking system.

March 25, 2014… at a time that works for you

Below are a few links that are relevant to all of this, and for reference. I found the last one most fascinating.

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