Vegetation on Mars?
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What is this?
Is it a forest on Mars!?

Originally posted by blue bird on 7-4-2007(ID:3097743)

*** photo taken by MOC (Mars Orbiter Camera), a satellite for photographical mapping of Mars that, at latitude -82.02°, longitude 284.38° (near to the Martian south pole) has filmed something totally incredible, but still neglected: it’s some form of vegetation on Mars.

Look for yourself!

Credit: Malin Space Systems

Malin Space Systems Image; S0600607

Malin Space Systems Image; S0600607.gif
(this is View full-size image, processed but NOT map-projected lossless GIF, best quality, slow download)

Mars Anomaly Research; Forest-Life-Biodiversity

More Trees…

Credit: Malin Space Systems

Pegasus Report: Trees on Mars?
Added by Pegasus… this is our page on the Martian Trees with comparisons from the Ikonos Satelte of trees on Earth…

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