I thank Drake for bringing attention to this issue.  I can not deny that I am very effected by subjects such as this, as I come from a long line of military officers who ALL fought in various wars and performed amazing heroic feats in my eyes.  The point is, ALL men and women who put their lives on the line, believing that they are protecting us, the citizenry of America, deserve honor and respect for their courage and valiance.  Whether you are against war or not, which I am, these people need our support.  They are truly the guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry and the military industrial complex.  They are unknowlingly used by companies such as Rand to be psychically analyzed and The Cabal to be mind programmed…


by Drake
Over the years I have been involved in Veterans Rights.
When a person is injured as they are serving our country,
that person should be taken care of.
IF the injuries are the kind that can be ‘healed’, then that
care should be limited to the time it takes for it to heal.
However, IF an injury is of a permanent nature, then
appropriate care, support, and services should be supplied
for the duration.
This video shows what our government thinks of and how
it feels about its Veterans.
Veterans are still treated as expended assets that have no value.
This is obvious in the years of waiting, but most of all in the ‘Denied
Claims’ of several hundred thousand whom are due Benefits.
The only help I can offer is the PTSD link.
Watch the video and note all the presidents and hero’s names.