Russian strongman and Czar, Vladimir Putin, has sent a clear and chilling message to the rest of the world — a shrill indicator that the former Soviet Union is bracing itself for an unprecedented global financial collapse.

In short, the Russians have been stockpiling gold — and not in small sums, either.

According to the World Gold Council, Putin has doubled his gold reserves in the past five years … making the Russian gold pile the fifth-largest in the world. But Putin isn’t finished.

He’s still directing about half a billion dollars worth of new gold purchases every month.


Because Putin sees what’s dead ahead: The demise of the dollar and the potential collapse of the American empire.

And he’s not alone.

China has been notorious for buying gold … but what few realize is that countries like Turkey, South Korea, India, Venezuela, Slovakia, and Ecuador are also hoarding the yellow metal.

Most of these countries were former gold sellers … and now, they’ve switched gears into buying mode!

And in my opinion, you’d be wise to follow their lead right now … to protect yourself from a renewed plunge in the value of every single dollar you possess.

The Fed’s promise to print $40 billion new dollars every month has sealed the fate of the greenback …

However, as the need for gold grows, so too do the risks of buying it and owning it …

In fact, every ounce of gold you have in your possession — or buy in the future — is now facing a huge new threat.

One investor has already lost as much as $3,400,000 because of it.

To make matters worse, Uncle Sam is one of the driving forces behind it.