Published on Apr 17, 2013
Polarities are used by humans to define the world around them; positive/negative, dark/light, hard/soft, hot/cold, etc. However, instead of describing diametric oppositions, polarities are actually pointing to a continuum that measures varying degrees of a subject. For example, the directional descriptions used on earth, north, south, east, and west are simply measurements on a continuum.
If you travel far enough north, and you continue forward progress, you will eventually begin travelling south and vice-versa. The same applies to east and west, or vice-versa. The directional appointments are simply tools to help designate our location on the continuum.
It is difficult to find our place on the life continuum with the myriad of societal stances represented. We begin our search for a place to fit in from the moment we leave the womb and strive to connect to a comfortable place. Inevitably, our place on the life continuum changes as we advance through the aging process.
Resistance to the inevitable changes of life continuum placement creates discomfort and restlessness. If we choose to fight the natural progression of movement on the continuum we become defensive of our position. When we become defensive of our position we lose the ability to see the entire continuum. Losing sight of the full continuum is like moving through life wearing blinders.
If we begin viewing conflicting belief systems and those who hold them on a continuum, the need to judge diminishes. On a continuum there are no absolutes, simply degrees of change. No right or wrong, good or bad, left or right, just differing points on a scale.
Without absolutes, it is difficult to measure the validity of a belief system. Without absolutes, the continuum demands objectivity while considering other view points. Without absolutes, we can find common ground on the continuum of belief systems.
As we progress towards the seemingly unavoidable demise of our current operating systems we need viable solutions. In order to build the proper foundation for a cohesive replacement system, we would be well advised to adopt the non-aggression principle as a core philosophy. The non-aggression principle allows for each individual to pursue contentment as long as the pursuit does not intentionally infringe on the life and rights of another individual.
Assessing life as a continuum and applying the non-aggression principle can create a path to true freedom. The non-aggression principle creates the parameters of engagement while viewing the continuum. The continuum removes the absolutes and allows concept viability/ non-viability without bias.
There are numerous opinions about the solution to financial and social challenges. The reality is that a conglomeration of the numerous opinions will be the probable outcome. However, without the ability to communicate and exchange ideas peacefully there will never be a resolution. Perhaps it is time to establish and strengthen our core philosophy.
Instead of systematically tearing each other down to feel empowered, it is time to consider a new approach. We recognize the polarities that define our perceptions, now it is time to recognize the continuum on which the polarities exist. Establish a new thought paradigm or continue with closed minds, the time to decide has come