March comes in like a lion — and the roaring just gets stronger as the month goes on!

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As the month takes off, Saturn and Pluto build momentum — activated by the Sun on March 1, and again by Venus on March 7 — until they meet on March 8, a difficult connectio n that leads to hardship and a bit of belt-tightening. Progress only occurs if you really push for it and cut out any excess, and while romance falls flat now, you’ll still remain loyal.

Thankfully, with the Pisces new Moon on March 11, you can wipe the slate clean and start fresh, driving your dreams toward reality! Mars also brings a surge of fiery momentum as it zooms into Aries on March 12, sweeping obstacles out of your path. Mercury keeps that momentum strong once it turns direct on March 17, when projects finally pick up steam.

On March 20, the Sun moves into Aries, heralding the dawn of spring in the northern hemisphere — a time of new beginnings. Venus follows suit as it floats into Aries on March 22, bringing with it a new lease on love and lending you the courage to finally take action!

Also on March 22, Mars conjuncts Uranus for an unpredictable — and unsettling — day. Mars also attempts to boost your luck as it pairs with Jupiter on March 26, but that gets stamped down quickly once Mars squares Pluto on March 27.

On March 27 as well, a difficult full Moon in Libra creates a desire for togetherness, while also pulling you in the opposite direction toward independence. Then, Uranus tries to throw a wrench into any romantic plans as it creates an emotional roller coaster on March 28 and 29, activated first by Venus and then the Sun. Don’t act impulsively at this time or you may regret the consequences!

Finally, on March 31, Venus inspires heavy-handed manipulations as it pairs with Pluto. Fortunately, Jupiter also arrives on this date to lighten the mood and set things right.

Whew — that’s quite a month! And don’t forget: There’s even more in your personal chart … so order your March Forecast today!