TitanicI thought I had heard about every major
conspiracy theory under the Sun but I
was wrong!

This film endeavors to prove that it was
not the RMS Titanic which struck an iceberg
and sank, killing over 1,500 passengers in
1912, as retold by the blockbuster film by
James Cameron, named after this boat.

This film asserts that the North Atlantic
boat passage industry, which functioned
as the early 20th centuries’ equivalent of
today’s airline industry was also notoriously
fraught with fraud.

The White Star Line, with shipyards in
Belfast, Northern Ireland was at that time
the most productive boatyard in the world,
is where the Titanic was built.

The White Star line was acquired by
JP Morgan, in his attempt to corner the
North Atlantic passenger boat industry.

What is little known is that there was an
identical ship to the Titanic built there,
named the Olympic, which had been
involved in several serious accidents
requiring extensive, multiple repairs
and the owners feared that it would
not pass inspection, so it is believed
that this was the motive of switching
the ships’ names, as they were virtually
identical, in construction.

Thus the Olympic was already on its last
legs, when it was fraudulently passed
off as the Titanic for the voyage in which
the “largest moving object built by the
hands of man caused the most casualties
in history.” It was only half-booked when
it set sail for the last time and indications
that 1st Class passengers were dissuaded
from booking passages on this voyage.

But the voyage did go on, so that JP Morgan
could collect on the boat’s insurance policy.

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