Not a scratch!

… and as we all know, he who has the best toys wins.

A friend shared the following in a group I am part of, and I feel it’s well worth posting.  Of course, you will not hear this in the lamestream media.  I took the liberty of adding a couple of videos to illustrate the Keshe technology and what has been kept from us in the name of greed and control.

Other countries are about to begin enjoying the fruits of Keshe’s brilliance, generosity and desire for peace, but the US shadow government has not shared this with The People. Soon they will have no choice.  ;0)     ~ BP

“And so the game unfolds.

So, the interesting question for me is that, given the invasion of Syria seems inevitable – and it’s important to remember that the overthrow of Syria was always part of the long term plan (going back to at least 2000) to topple all US-opposing powers in the region with Iran being next – will Iran unleash their defence technology based upon the work of Mehran Keshe that they have developed?

If you are not familiar with Keshe’s technology, take a moment to peruse his website(s). Apart from transforming our understanding of how things are created from the background magnetic fields – that is our widely-held understanding of so much of physics and many other fields, the technology provides “free” energy, a solution to food and water supplies on the planet and more besides, it provides ways for craft to move at speeds greater than what take to be the speed of light and undetectably by radar etc. Ohh… and bring forth any amount of any substance from the background energy/magnetic fields – Keshe claims the Iranians set up a reactor to produce unlimited gold, for example. Game changing, wouldn’t you say?

Indeed, Keshe approached the Belgian government (Keshe has been living in Belgium) some 5 years ago to be allowed to take over a GM automotive plant there that was about to be closed with the sacking of the workforce, to begin to manufacture his car that requires no road and no fuel, and was refused. I believe it was repeated in 2012 with a Ford plant suffering the same fate and with the same outcome. Now, if you have begun to understand how our world works, this is absolutely no surprise; indeed, entirely predictable.

It went largely unacknowledged that Iran captured two US drones about a year apart, one at the end of 2011, the other at the end of 2012, these drones being completely unharmed. It was as if they were just plucked out of the air (they were), and the first of these was the very latest highly encrypted CIA drone. Obama subsequently asked for their “toy” back…

Mehran Keshe has warned the world very openly about the implications of this technology and sought to broker a peace conference last year on the basis of it – a tad naïve, methinks…

Moreover – and here is our lamestream press at work once more – unbeknownst to most people, countries representing over 60% of the world’s population have taken the opportunity to licence Keshe’s technology and work with it . Notice that the US did so on the day that Obama knew he had won the last election (November 15th, 2012), and sycophantic Australia did so on the same day.

So, for me the question is will Iran deploy this technology in support of its neighbour? If they do, the face of the power and politics of our planet will change dramatically and perhaps irrevocably, literally overnight. Keshe has warned that missiles will be “returned to sender”, fighter planes will become unusable and aircraft carriers will become floating bathtubs.

I anticipate we will find out soon enough.”