“Had I been President, I would have relieved you of your post.’

Rand Paul earlier today:

“One of the things that disappointed me most about the original 9/11 is that no one was fired. We spent trillions of dollars, but there were a lot of human errors. These are judgment errors and the people who make judgment errors need to be replaced, fired, and no longer in the position of making these judgment calls.

I’m glad that you’re accepting responsibility. Ultimately, I think with your leaving, you accept culpability for the greatest tragedy since 9/11. I really mean that. Had I been president and found you did not read the cables from Benghazi and from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post. I think it’s inexcusable. I think it’s good that you’re accepting responsibility, because no one else is.”

Clinton responded, “I am the Secretary of State. And the [Accountability Review Board] made very clear that the level of responsibility for the failures that they outlined was set at the Assistant Secretary level and below.”

Paul went on to ask Clinton what she knew about possible shipments of weapons from Libya to Turkey and if the United States was involved. Clinton appeared perplexed by the question. She said that she had no knowledge of any weapons transfers from Libya to Turkey, let alone any U.S. involvement in such a transfer.

Some news outlets have suggested that arms are going from Libya to Syrian rebels through Turkey with American knowledge.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) rebuked Paul in the next exchange. “If some people on this committee want to call this tragedy the worst since 9/11, it misunderstands the nature of 4000 plus Americans lost in the War in Iraq under false pretenses.”

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Insists she did not know about gun-running at U.S. mission