Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter
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by Owen K Waters

essential oilsWayne Dyer is today’s most popular author, television personality and speaker on modern spirituality. He is so popular that he has to turn down 99% of the public speaking requests that he receives. Last week, on June 21st, 2013, Dreama and I attended one of his increasingly rare public appearances.

He came to Salt Lake City to speak at the Young Living essential oils convention and, during his two-hour presentation on how the world is changing, we heard him stun the audience with some penetrating insights about the power of pure essential oils.

Wayne Dyer opened up with, “These oils are changing the consciousness of the planet!”

This came as a shock to many people in the audience who were just there to learn more about healing and rejuvenation. A lot of them weren’t used to our metaphysical way of thinking, which typically goes something like this:

“The world is transforming for the better. Consciousness is rising everywhere… Cool! What’s happening next?”

Yes, the consciousness of the planet is transforming for the better is many ways, and these sacred oils are waking many people up to higher aspects of conscious living.

As you probably know, essential oils are extracted from plants and distilled into the pure essence of each individual plant. Herbs have been used as medicines for thousands of years. In the Bible, we are told that the leaves of plants were designed to serve as our medicine. Now, imagine the extra power contained in the very essence of a medicinal plant, extracted as a pure essential oil.

Wayne Dyer understood this completely. He came right out and called pure essential oils, “God in a bottle!”

While we’re on the subject of Young Living conventions, let me tell you a secret. They are strange! They are the only place we’ve been where stories of healing miracles unfold every day and people are no longer surprised by them. That’s because, with Young Living essential oils, healing miracles are commonplace.

Curing cancer? That’s not news any more. Regenerating damaged tissue and even bones? Not a problem. Immunity from epidemics? Been there, done that. Releasing the limitations caused by long-forgotten emotional traumas? Now, that’ll make people sit up and pay attention because it’s one of the latest areas of research into the healing powers of essential oils.

We call them sacred healing oils to honor the Creator who made these magical properties possible. Inside the Lavender flower, the Peppermint leaf, Frankincense and dozens of other vital plants are the healing powers of the Divine.

By learning more about these sacred oils, you have the unique opportunity to see the medicine of tomorrow in action today, at: