We’re down to the wire, folks. Not just in terms of the 2012 calendar. Or the fiscal cliff talks. But the opportunity for you to target gains of 26.8%, 55.1%, and 59.5% from the ongoing global banking crisis.

Look, you and I have both heard lots of happy talk about how the global banking sector is improving. But it’s just that. Talk. Because the numbers tell a dramatically different story!

A whopping 464 banks with combined assets of $680.3 billion have ALREADY failed. That’s in the U.S. alone, since 2008. But according to my colleagues at Weiss Ratings, ANOTHER 202 global banks — with assets of a whopping $43.6 trillion — are at risk, with ratings in the two lowest tiers.

Meanwhile, the fallout from multiple regulatory investigations keeps piling up!

Swiss giant UBS just agreed to pay a whopping $1.5 billion fine, equal to one-third of the profit it made in 2011! The company was accused of rigging the fixings for LIBOR. That’s a key global benchmark rate that determines what mortgage borrowers and corporations the world over pay on certain loans!

Barclays of the U.K. also got nailed in the global regulatory sweep, agreeing to pay $472 million in June!

* Meanwhile, behemoth Deutsche Bank of Germany and its executives are being investigated for tax evasion, obstruction of justice, accounting manipulation tied to derivatives, and more!

Now you can rest assured that the “Big Three” ratings agencies — Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch — are not going to warn you, accurately and in advance, of big trouble at these kinds of institutions. After all, they’ve missed virtually every major crisis in the past couple of decades!

They gave Enron investment grade ratings until just a few days before the company went broke. They also blessed tons of lousy mortgage bonds with “AAA” ratings in the mid-to-late-2000s. Those bonds ultimately left investors and banks with hundreds of billions of dollars in losses!

What you need is accurate, unbiased information and bank ratings, and a game plan to navigate these crises. The good news? I have that for you — all the details on the massive profit opportunities available to you as the global banking problems I’ve outlined come home to roost.

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