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Hello, and welcome to this site. This website is based upon the idea that humanity is entering a new paradigm in our collective and individual existence, and in this introductory writing to The Aquarius Paradigm, I’ll explain just what this “new paradigm” is believed to be.

What is a New Paradigm?

A new paradigm is essentially what the name suggests: breaking away from our old and instated ways of living and being, in favor of a societal standard that works for every person on this planet. The new paradigm is being brought about in various different ways, even as we speak.

Individuals are working to merge science and spirituality, laying rest to dogmatic religion and un-allowing evolution-based science.

Millions of people are awakening in every moment to the reality of deeper realms of consciousness beyond our physical understanding, and there are devoted people at the forefront of our collective helping show us the way and lead us into a successful future as a species.

A new paradigm is brought about with the active focus and intent of every person who grows to resonate with the ideals of exiting the societal norm.

Along with taking action in the realms of consciousness beyond our understanding to help bring a new paradigm about, which we’ll get into in Spiritual Evolution, it’ll be important for us to take action in our physical reality to help establish it.

In general, a new paradigm is termed as something that’s so outside of the established norm that it’s put into its own category. In this case, the new paradigm being referred to is one of changing the manners we’ve functioned as a society, and changing the divisive and hatred-driven ways of treating each other that haven’t been working for us.

Exiting the Societal Norm

The importance of changing the way we’ve run our world and the way we’ve treated each other couldn’t be expressed enough, in my opinion.

We’ve warred against each other for centuries, causing massive loss of life and division to be fed in our collective.

In this day and age, we play into a paradigm of keeping oneself and one’s family ahead and letting everyone else fend for themselves. We see starving children in poverty-stricken areas every day with no food or water, and yet, many of us waste the excess food or water we have.

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