“They hear the outcry of their victims,
they hear the footsteps of approaching justice,
they hear their names being called.”
December 28, 2012

What is this mysterious force that cannot be contained
by the control of the press?
What is this force that cannot be suppressed
by the relentless force of the operations of the
Captor of governments and courts?

What is this force that is unveiling, uncovering and revealing?
What is being plotted behind those doors?
What are they talking about in the rooms of power?
Where, deep inside, surely there must be a tremble?

The hot breath of fire at the nape of the neck is the
Chilling terror for those who imagine that they can hide
Behind their guarded doors, behind their money and the appearance of power
Behind their armies and their courts, behind the lies that all the walls
They dreamed would protect them but now become the walls that confine them

The endless parade of their terrible deeds parades before them
It grows stronger and more relentless with each passing day
And they cannot turn away, the cannot run, they cannot hide
In every direction, they approach the images and the sounds
They hear the outcry of their victims, they hear the footsteps
Of approaching justice, they hear their names being called
There is no lawyer who can plead their case, there is no defense
Only the prosecutor will speak as they sit in the docks and hear the
Litany of their crimes

You can call it the fulfillment of prophecy and you can call it
The natural outcome of natural law, you can believe that there
Is a destiny that shapes our ends and you can believe that it
Is purely a mechanical device and you can call it “random” or “planned”
“Intentional” or “accidental,” It is here, nonetheless. It is here.

Imagine their horror, as they wonder at the cause of this
Imagine their fear as they muster their impotence under the forces
Of their own destruction they set in motion, relentless and unstoppable
It continues to their door, with every passing second of the day.

You cannot imprison the truth. It will, in time burst every bond.
The collective outrage of those that were slandered and tormented,
Screams in the whirlwind, as it gathers its force.
The murdered and imprisoned join in the chorus.

Gaza and and the lands where this horror has marched
With its hobnailed boot are joined in this universal cry.
They cannot stop their ears, they cannot close their eyes
And they cannot hide their faces.

Each day brings their crimes before the attention of the world.
What awaits us all, in these coming days – this, I do no know
All I know is that the truth is unveiling, uncovering, revealing
And there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

No misdirection, no added millions in new unmarked graves
No re-discovered Nazis. No new lies accomplish anything more
Than to amplify the presence of the lies already told.

Welcome to the Apocalypse and the unveiling of the truth.

Music from Binah – Crescent Suns.