There are no words to describe the  meaning and profoundness of these essences but I feel like they are me as if they are like me and in me.

So much Intel lately is beyond anything I have ever received. All my life I have felt a certain uneasiness about my incarnation into this life with the family I came into but I always kept that to myself.  Since 2017 and late 2016 I have felt like I have been living in a movie scene and playing out the scene. It’s so very difficult to explain this paranormal life of mine but I do know that the new energies are allowing the parts to unfold here.  At this point when the layers are unfolding and all the masks are down for me it’s like I have been in labor all my life and now we’re almost about to give birth and it’s the last push.

I know about everything they did and I have no idea how and who told me but I know.   One thing about the essences and the timing is helping me very much to stay grounded. I resonate with the fairy realm because we don’t like certain things certain humans have done here and as this all unfolds I need to stay true to myself and respect my body . I have a great life and family, friends but I have been an extremely reserved  person because of the conditions here on the planet during the years. Now I can feel my breathing much easier and lighter.

I have saved the lines of all the products on my desktop and I appreciate it so much . This is beyond words can say.

It will take at least one more month before I finish. I do shift work and it’s at the airport inside security so it’s not always easy to carry it but I  use before bed and in  morning. I feel I can  do it more on the days off though. I am excited to order the oils 😊 Can’t wait.

Take care and I will send you an email when I ‘m actually done the kit.

Kind regards