The respective Archangels:

AA-Archangel Michael-55


Archangel Michael and Faith ~ Angels of Protection and Power  

  The importance of energetic protection

Space clearing and the removal of negative energy

Karmic clearing ~ traveling of timelines and the Akashic Records

Understanding pre-birth agreements

Cutting of old karmic cords, replacing with new energetic cords

Healing relationships that have wounded you

Connecting with others at a Soul level

Establishing clear boundaries and standing in your Power   

Discovering the gifts of fear 

Receiving of the Crystalline Shield of Light and Diamond Sword of Truth 

Attunement to the Power and Grace of Mother/Father God as a warrior of Light


 Archangel Raphael and Mary – Archangel of Healing and Truth

Purifying your minds and erasing false beliefs

Uncover and undo limiting thoughts, beliefs and views

Experience the flow of universal life-force energy

Breathing techniques

Activating of the axiatonal lines through the meridian lines found along the body

Restoring the balance of mind, body and Spirit

Sensing illness with medical intuition

Attunement: Healing with an open heart as a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love


Archangel Gabriel and Hope – Herald and Messenger of God, Archangel of Resurrection, harmony and purity


The remembrance of your Divine Purpose and Destiny

Fulfilling your Highest Potential

Finding balance in all areas of your live

Accessing your creative gifts, wisdom and knowledge

Experiencing your Highest Potential through parallel realities

Meeting your future selves

Attunement to your sacred purpose as a custodian to Mother Earth and all her Life


Archangel Uriel and Aurora – Archangel of Ministration and Peace ~ Purple and Gold ~ Divine Justice   


Transforming painful memories with compassion and peace

Recognizing the great blessings in our perceived disappointments

Releasing unforgiveness and resentment

Freeing yourself from relationships that are negative, stuck or harmful

Meeting every challenge with peace

Cultivating safety

Trusting and surrendering to the Divine

Attunement to Divine Justice and Peace

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