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What does Enlightenment Feel Like? By BenArion

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Today I took a walk in the sunshine – it was wonderful – and a realization hit me: How does enlightenment feel? It is something real, something tangible, that you can attain. In one sense, you always are this enlightenment, you are already there, but another part of you denies it, will not recognize it or believe it.

I manifested this state within myself where I just stood still and looked at the sun, and I just let everything be, I let go of all of my ideas, of all of my believes, and just felt it.

How does an enlightened state feel? What is it? It is a real state available for everyone, and we tend to think about how to reach it, how to find that perfect moment of enlightenment.

Am I feeling totality right now or am I just imagining it?
Is this for real?

We all have a lot of different questions and ideas, but in the end, we all long to feel joy, to be in this synchronicity, where everything comes to you effortlessly, like you are surprising yourself with all of these unimaginable things that just flows to you in waves. You just have to surrender to it, and as you understand that everything is a part of you, you realize you don’t have to do or change anything or make anyone believe anything. There are no have-to’s. We are just where we are in our consciousness.


In a state of totality, of clear mind and clear thought, you can stand and just be there as a loving witness and feel an enormous embrace within that hold everything that is. For me that is enlightenment. But it’s a really simple state of being. People may think that they have to wait to feel this, they might think I’m not ready for it, or not worthy, or I have a lot of problems in my life that I need to fix before I can feel enlightened, but it’s really a state of non-attachment, loving what is, accepting what is, it’s that simple, there are no thoughts there, you’re just filled with love. Sometimes love feels like an extacy, and sometimes it is a silent stillness, just seeing everything for what it is – an experience of consciousness without putting judgement on it.

The highest possible love is acceptance to what is, and when you understand this you will be filled with a peace that is beyond everything. It is the struggle that gets us trapped sometimes, the idea that we need to remove something from ourselves, or that we have to change something to feel better, or do things to please someone.

Everything is, and you change focus on what is, so instead of trying to change something, it’s about changing your focus.

You are what you see outside of yourself but it’s another part of you with a different experience and a different mindset. We are like souls coming from the same energy of source, but have been given different minds so that we can interpret and discover these perspectives of the one, and share with each other.


For me, enlightenment is the acceptance and love for what is, like a fire coming from your heart, filling your body like if a warm sun is shining from within. This is like seeing everything from a higher point of perspective, seeing through things.

We tend to believe what we see with our eyes, for example a man or a woman suffering. We can go down and feel that too if we want to, or need to, but we often think that we are not allowed to feel joy because the world is so full of confusion, depression and people feeling miserable. So many souls are going through tragic things and we feel like, oh my God, I can’t feel happy because I have to feel sorry for them! I have to project my guilt, my feeling of not being enough, on these people, or beings. Instead – try using love! Love them for what they are going through, because it’s a part of you going through this, and it’s a part of the process, as a whole.

The hardest thing for the mind and the thoughts is to comprehend this oneness, the synchronicity of all things. It feels like there are some victims out there that you have to help. Please know that it’s optional to lower yourself and go into a state where you are being responsible by feeling guilty for other people suffering. If anything, it’s your responsibility to feel love, and this is the contradiction, this is why it’s so tough to be here in this dimension because there’s a lot of diversity. You really have to trust that love is the way. You help everyone on the way by tuning in to the state of peace.


Love is the highest vibration that you can reach in this dimension, and please know it’s only the beginning of the journey. Enlightenment is a certain state, and you can come into this certain state, and then you are ”graduated” from this plane of existence. Then you’re here out of pure love, because you love to be here in all simplicity. But this is a state of trust. You just know, you don’t have to know the details, or get a PhD in metaphysics in order to know what a proton or a neutron is, you just need to know in your heart that everything is synchronized and surrender to the pure bliss within you, and that you are worthy to receive this, to receive love and to feel joy.

From this state, you will interact with people and see the love and joy within them, which will help them to find it inside of themselves. Because if you come within a state of feeling miserable yourself, you will drag each other down. So you are a walking healing station, but being a miracle is really nothing you need to strive towards, but that’s how the universe works. If you are humble and just want to be who you are, and surrender to the love, you will be as a channel for love, you will change people by just simply being, you don’t even have to say a lot of things.

If you want something really bad, and you want it and want it and want it, you won’t get it because you are in this state of wanting, of seeing something outside yourself that you need to chase. But it’s already there, you just have to stop the mind chatter, stop the belief that you aren’t in control, because you are your own center, and from there everything is radiating.

The message is really that enlightenment is so simple that we sometimes overlook it.

You will be so vibrant and feel so much love that you can’t be anywhere else than in the moment, because that’s where everything comes together in oneness. You will see no separation because of the love within you is a reflection of the whole, of truth.


We have a habit of creating feelings of sadness or narrow, limited worldviews, but we’re slowly changing the habit to allow joy. I don’t have to feel bad or guilty about myself for being happy. I know that everything is for the highest good, everything that is happening on this planet at this moment, and everything is divine timing. There are no accidents, there are no coincidences, but if you want to, you can go around and believe that in your awakening, that everything is manifesting by coincidence or as random events. However, if you would like to try and just relax and have trust in the feeling that everything is as it is, and that everything is already perfect, you might change your mind. Try for yourself. Who can change is-ness?

That’s why we are here on earth to discover the illusion of choice.
Of course, changes come, but they come from within and we don’t have to leave this body or this planet to experience that, we can be miracles right now, we just have to open ourselves to it and believe that it’s there for us, and everyone takes their own path towards this realization. You will come to a point where everything you read, everything you hear feels like you already know that. You live the truth and no one will notice that really. You will be a master, walking this earth.

Maybe 2000 years ago when Jesus walked this earth, it was a miracle to have that kind of consciousness, but right now, everyone is walking the earth as Jesus. We are more aware of our reality, of our how reality works and about the universe. So, we are like masters, everyone! It’s not news anymore, just accepting this is what it is and let’s play with it!


Self mastery – the mastery of self – could sound like something unachievable, far out there, out of reach. Buddha was a master of self, Jesus the Christ was a master of self, as was Muhammed and many others who have been living on this planet throughout the history of time. They came here to be examples of what we are, what we can bring forth in this world. Claiming your divinity is your mission. To be your authentic self, to be YOU to the fullest, that’s self mastery.

All can be masters of self, but some are more aware of the ”dream” than others. Self mastery is like waking up from the dream that you only live in the visible physical reality. When you go to sleep, your body lay in the bed, but you start dreaming and suddenly you are in this new environment, the dream world, where you experience things.

And you believe you are there, actually, but from another point of perspective, you lay in your bed! It’s really the same right now. You think you are here, but you’re not! You’re actually dreaming yourself into reality through your higher self. We think we see the world through our eyes, but we see the world through our heart. In that sense, it feels very real and mastery of self is about claiming your divinity, and cut off these limited beliefs that you have – that you’re not worthy, that you are just a small person that can’t create anything, that you aren’t needed etcetera.


Mastery of self is about allowing love to flow through you, and I know it could feel hard sometimes, but pushing some buttons is actually very healthy. Wherever you are you will see people and feel people within you, and they will begin pushing your buttons. But what if there were no buttons to push within you? That’s mastery of self! That noone can come and push your buttons as they want to, like if you were some kind of amusement park attraction where people can come and push buttons and see you react accordingly. Self mastery is about embracing all the feelings within yourself so that there are fewer and fewer buttons to push that will throw you out of balance.

So, if you feel negative feelings like unrest, or unease, or maybe a fear of losing your job or concerns about a relationship with someone you love, instead of tasting the feeling on the surface, try to explore how it feels like to fully embrace the feeling of unrest, unknowingness, fear or whatever it is that’s ”bothering” you. Should you continue to trace the feeling, you might very well find that in the end we all have a fear of death, that the dream will end and that we will disappear.

What is the worst case scenario for you, should you for example loose that job, or end that relationship or continue to feel this unrest? What is the worst thing that could happen? Actually, nothing happens, everything will continue, but maybe you will start to feel disconnected for a while.


Truly, you are whole, complete, one within yourself and you feel all of these duality feelings when you dive into them. They’re like little children standing in dark corners, and maybe you don’t want to feel them or acknowledge them but all they really want to be seen and loved! So take out these feelings from the darkest closets within, and take them to your heart by allowing whatever feeling you experience, and try feeling it to the fullest.

You will not die just because you feel the ”worst case scenario”-feelings. It’s better to feel the emotions and release them with your loving embrace, than to keep them in the corners where they will come back nudging you, probably with more and more intensity if you insist on putting them somewhere else, saying ”I don’t want to feel this, I’ll take a look at it later”. We all do this, and I sit here and talk about it because I know it from within me, I feel it myself. We teach others what
we feel ourselves, and cannot put things out there that we don’t know about. This blog, for me, is about being my higher self, to the fullest, to express my divinity and claim it in humbleness.

There’s nothing new to learn, there’s just for you to remember your divinity and act as if you know who you are. And even if you don’t know who you are, you can act as if you did, and this will move you into a vibration that will become stronger and stronger until you actually know! Raising your vibration could be explained as a sea of chaos, but when you put your heart frequencey and embrace the chaos, the chaos harmonizes and the frequency rises. As the frequency rises, things and circumstances become more harmonious, more in harmony with self. That’s why, when we connect with our divinity, synchronizity is natural. Peace is natural. Trust is natural. And enlightenment isn’t a spiritual concept, a label that some of us deserve because we are unique or better than others, but about letting go, forgiving and surrendering to the moment, to spirit, and let spirit work through you.


We want to be in control of how things will manifest, and how we will live our lives, but did you know that life, and your higher self, knows you better than anyone else. Life will work through you and make miracles and wonders that you didn’t even know you liked, you didn’t know you would appreciate, because it’s a different frequceny vibration that you cannot really access right now.

But we can allow it, and welcome it, and we do that by becoming children again and play, being our authentic self. There are no rights or wrongs, but there is always a choice by chosing negativity or positivity, fear or love, and you can stand there in the middle and be everything if you want to!

We are love, we are fear, but in the end you have to make a choice of who you want to be. Either you are in fear, or you are in love, it’s as simple as that. People sometimes get stuck in fear because it’s
a habit, it’s like some food you know will make you feel low but you keep on eating. Our emotional body hooks on to fear as easily as an addiction to something.

We’re on a road to integrating our higher self into reality, to become masters of self, and when I say higher self, it’s the inner true self that we in one way always are, but right now are in the process of dismanteling, of peeling off all the layers. So, all people who push your buttons, thank them! Be grateful, because they show you that there was something else within that you could feel, embrace
and forgive. And if you feel yourself fully, you cannot hang on to negativity much longer. It will become more and more unnecessary.

Remember – every now is a wonderful play of love and joy.


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