As channeled by Aruna Byers
What is a walk-in? A new birth that happens when one body, already in an animated state with a death wish, can become the mature body for another animator to continue its life. In almost all of these dramas the new change agent has an agreement to do this before it is done. In all cases it was agreed upon when the first inhabitant became incarnate, and not finalized until one’s choice to be done with living actually occurs. As this is not a “take-over,” one must decree the death wish before the new incarnation can dive in.
walkWhen this occurs, both souls are in the body for awhile until the original one has the control of its ability to leave. As this can take many years, both need to be on the same page when choices are made. When they don’t agree, the original occupant takes the lead. Only when the first occupant does actually leave does the new one take over.
Can this happen without the mind of the body in question being aware of it? Yes. It is unusual for the mind to notica a change of consciousness in the body in any of these actions, because the mind does not appear aware of its own development. What does become evident is changes in the body’s choices, and answers to the original occupant’s disturbances are quickly found. When the new life begins, another decision is made about what needs to be completed on behalf of the original occupant. Many are distanced from the dramas once taken very seriously, and choose to eject themselves from choices made previously that won’t continue from then on. Are all aware of these choices? No, only the new consciousness is aware enough to choose a different mode of living. Most continue to live according to the first occupant’s established lifestyle. Some do not.
Preparing for an exchange is not done. Settling in needs time. Once complete, the changes in the body’s way of doing things may alter completely, as a new aspect of the One is now in place. Many walk-ins are ascended masters coming in to aid the creation of a new world.
Will you be different as a walk-in? Yes. Can you tell if this has happened? Only if you can access contact to higher awareness. Many never even accept this total change as a new soul incarnation. Others are aware of it, but not secure in talking about it. Some announce it to all.
Can it occur and you not be aware that it did? Yes, most love to enact new choices and don’t care who or what chose them. Few admit they had a walk-in occurrence.
Self-awareness is the key to more understanding about all things human. When this completes, you are able to have awareness beyond the mind. Walk-in occurrences are often accepted when this level of awareness is available.
Ascended Master Saint Germain
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