A Message from Lord Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin

Channeler: Beth Trutwin /channeler/85723/beth-trutwin What is the Lions Gate? A Message from Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin August 5, 2012 Greetings this is Buddha. I am the 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu with Kalki Maitreya being Vishnuʻs 10th incarnation on Earth. The Lions Gate was established as the place to conquer the senses. Lions Gate is aligning with Galactic Center.

All of the StarGates on Earth with the Power Points on the ZPM Grid align with the Lions Gate on August 8, 2012. This is an annual occurrence. This Lions Gate opening is significant because after many years of small shifts in the Cosmos Lions Gate has aligned itself over the Cosmic Motherʻs Womb, also known in the Milky Way Galaxy as Galactic Center.

Galactic Center is located at 26 degrees Sagittarius. It is the entry to the Light Universes through the element of Fire. On the other side of this black hole is a white hole leading to the Anti-Matter Universes. Everything there exists above the 13th Dimension.

The Milky Way is a term denoting the Path back to the White Light Universes. When the Lions Gate opens on August 8, 2012 a flood of milky white light will pour into this Universe from where we came from – the Light Universe. There is a story about Vishnuʻs incarnation as Krishna when he spilled the milk from the milk maids bowl she carried on her head all over the ground in fun.

This represented the Sun God and his consort playfully exhibiting his role as the Supreme Absolute energy of this Universe pouring out the light and her role as the Supreme Cosmic energy vessel of the light. The Holy Grail. The Divine Feminine. We live in a Universe of Dark Matter called Nebadon. The Moon is dark matter, the Earth is dark matter everything in space is dark matter – the only time these objects seem effulgent is when the Sunʻs light falls on them and lights them up so they may be seen.

Lionʻs Gate is the StarGate in the heavens connecting The Milky Way Ascension Path back to the Light Universe. Lions Gate has been immortalized many times over on Earth. The Teacher of Righteousness is Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess. In the Hindu teachings she is known as Kali Durga. She is the Mother of God.

Thoth, Master of Numbers, authored the Emerald Tablets. In an Ancient Egyptian carving at Karnak he stretches his arms out to Khunum the Ram headed god and Seshat. This represents when the stars fell from their place in the heavens. It is mentioned in the Book of Job.

It is when the warring between our ancestors the Pleiadians and the Orions drove many Starseeds to take refuge on Earth. They descended to darkness. Over time they forgot their intuitive senses and submitted to the Ram of rational order, rational thought – the mind – consciousness.

Through the ages Thoth was killed by Khnum and the the King of the Wanderers (from Venus – Sananda Kumara) was bound to a tree. Through the ages of rational thought the love aspect was denied more and more and only memories and dreams of intuition came through from time to time. Cosmic means to Universal Understanding were out of reach and so the Goodly Company incarnated at Earth to keep the teachings of Home alive.

Love is the ultimate rational intent. Vishnu, the Sun God in Hindu teachings is known as the preserver god along with Brahma the creator god and Siva the destroyer god. This is on par with the Sun God Re the Father, Alycyone the son and his consort the holy spirit Mother Sekhmet the lion goddess.

These trinity of Gods are the same as the Christian teachings of God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. All of these original star teachings have been rewritten until little is left of the original meaning. In our culture today it is hard to discern truth from the teachings.

This was done on purpose by the dark ones to keep the Children of the Sun from remembering Home. Vishnu had 10 incarnations and one was as Rama who married Sita. In this time he was God incarnate as man with a mission to kill the King Ravana who back then ruled the cabal. Sita who is an incarnation of the Mother of God, Vishnuʻs consort, Goddess Lakshmi was the daughter of the King of Mithila.

Mithraic imagery of the stars, the moon and the sun are signs of the Zodiac. Mithraic tradition was carried from China to Babylonia by Sitaʻs son and King Ramaʻs heir Luva. Mithraic tradition was carried to Persia and in to Rome by Sitaʻs other son, Luvaʻs twin brother Kush. Luva is an incarnation of Archangel Michael and Kush is an incarnation of Archangel Metatron.

Mithraism was popular in the 1st – 4th centuries in Rome. Archeologists have found the underground stone churches where they secretly worshipped the Sun God in multiple locations in Italy, England, Spain and Germany, across North of Africa, Palestine, Turkey, Armenia and China. The ceilings of these mithraeums were painted blue and covered with jewels. Some had cut small holes to allow in the stars light during certain times of year.

The highest initiations for Mithras devotees were the Lion, the Sun Runner and the Father. Constantine who followed the Galactic tradition converted to Christianity on his deathbed. When he built his arch of triumph it was covered with the Goddess images of our Galactic origins. Constantine held the First Council of Nicaea where the corrupt Christian priests removed any writings about humanity being Divine in origin and Jesus was made the Son of God as a Divine figure and raised in status from a human Prophet. Of course he was Divinity and so too are we All The Children of the Sun.

By making Jesus a Divinity the dark cabal rewrote the new testament, removed Mary Magdaleneʻs role and pushed down women as well as enslaving humanity by forcing them to forget their Divinity for over two thousand years. Still today repetitive chanting to the Divine Feminie Mary: ʻPray for us Sinners now and the Hour of our Death.ʻ Christianity was pushed onto the world through the Crusades and the Inquisition.

A few hundred years after his death Christianity in no way reflected Jesusʻ teachings. It is no mistake there are Holy Wars in Syria now. This is humanity waging the final battle knowing all peace will prevail at the end of time. It is the Ego mind playing its last song. It is Babylon or Bab Lion – meaning Gate of the Lion where we came to Earth so long ago.

This was the plan to replace the Star Traditions handed down from Vishnu, Thoth, Zoroaster, Judah, Mohammad and Jesus. All the while our Galactic Family stands by watching and Guiding as we travel through the Time Cycles on the karmic wheel to the present time at the end of Kali Yuga. It means we are at the end of the Time Lines and we are dissolving the entire cycle to return to our origins of love.

Israeli paratroopers ran through Earthʻs Lions Gate in the walled City of old Jerusalem during the 6 days war in 1967 and planted the Israel flag on the Temple Mount. This represented Old Jerusalem taking control of the StarGate at the Dome of the Rock.

The New Jerusalem is the FlagShip of the Ashtar Command and it represents the Cosmos after the Zodiac is restored as the road to Damscus. This is when we integrate the Zodiac sign of Ophiuchus later this year. This is when the Tower of Soloman, built by Adam and Abraham, the StarGate inside Dome of the Rock is restored Through the Alpha Centurian Commander Soltec of the Phoenix working with the Galactic Federation releasing the Master Kalki Maitreya, the horse-head form of Vishnu.

This is an alignment in energy of the StarGates, Obelisks like the Benben stone, Ziggurats like the StarGate at Ur connecting with the opening of the Lions Gate August 8, 2012. This is what is required to enter No Time – a Forcefield of Energy which will surround Earth and bring her into the Higher Realms of Ascension.

The StarGate opening on August 8, 2012 in the heavens called the Lions Gate allows a frequency of energy to pass through its current alignment with Galactic Center and allow in the Light Energy from the other side of the black hole to enter the Milky Way and link with the Energy Grid of Earth with the vibrational frequency required to return to No Time with the Zero Point Modulators (ZPMʻs) operating at 100% You may be feeling the energies pouring in already 3 days before.

It is similar to 72 hours before and after a full moon – the energies build in waves and can be experienced by intuitives as sleepiness, fatigue and lethargy. It is such a powerful force it is like walking through deep snow with wind pressing on you. Nibiru is known as the Twelfth Planet and is in Earths inner orbit now. NASA has posted images of Nibiru calling it the dwarf star.

The Path of Nibiru aligned with Regulus is the Path humanity will take as it Ascends back to its origin in the Higher Realms. It is the end of the age of duality and a New Age of Peace and Love. It is the Buddhaʻs function to be the revealer of the Path to the complete destruction of suffering. Here is the Path through the Lions Gate. As the Light from the Higher Realms pours in through Lions Gate nothing can stop Earths Ascension. Greet the end of the darkness with Joy. It is upon us now.

This is Lord Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved. http://CosmicAscension.orghttp://GalacticRoundtable.inhttp://Garuda.co An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials.

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