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13_03-12_What-is-MasteryThis is a potentially enormous topic if you take into consideration all the things there are to be mastered in life!

To narrow it down just a bit, I am speaking specifically about mastery over one’s experience of life on this planet.

If you can learn to master that, then everything else sort of falls into place and this world no longer has anything “over” you!

This is reducing it down to its point of greatest simplicity… I just LOVE simplicity! If we have only one thing to focus on and master then life is a whole lot easier!

Think about it, at the root of everything you may desire or seek is a common element. This is to have a certain good feeling inside yourself.

That good feeling is love, but even if you prefer to call it something else, you’ll find if you look closely enough that is what motivates about everything you do!

We have oh so many ways of attempting to have that good feeling too. Yet so many of the things we do often fail to produce it reliably, if at all.

Then we start settling for less than that good feeling and the things we do to try and have it take on other meaning. This eventually leads to a feeling of lack of fulfillment, frustration and disappointment. We may feel like life, others and/or even God have let us down.

The way out of this vicious cycle is to first recognize you are in it! With this bit of self-awareness you can then make a quantum shift!

To make the quantum shift:

1) Acknowledge to yourself that what you are feeling inside yourself is not the good feeling you want.

2) Acknowledge that you alone have the power to change that feeling because it is after all inside of you.

3) Ask your True-Self for the awareness you need to re-frame your context for whatever is triggering that bad feeling… to shift you into a much BIGGER PICTURE concerning it!

4) Focus only on the bigger picture now.

5) Feel love filling you and then flowing from your heart to whatever triggered the bad feeling in you to start with.

If you can make that work 100% of the time, you have achieved full mastery! Each time you make it work is a huge step forward towards that goal too!

If you need some assistance, let me know. I specialize in helping people become more proficient in this form of mastery!