Again, a perplexing analysis on the soul by my friend Lady – another perspective of this matrix we live in…-A.M.

I am wondering ……. again!…….what is Soul?…….and this time I wanted to hear, am listening deeper to feelings that instruct.

LightBodyI have only a few pieces of information that tell me what ”soul” is, and what I’m learning is surprising.

I must first define 3 words I will use, and I define them so you see how I use them. I don’t care to debate this, it is my own understanding for the moment and simply define them for you to understand what I’m saying here in this article. These words are “Soul” “Spirit” and “God”.

Soul I must first ”define” for the sake of communication and clarity, but language is so inept I struggle with words, but I define it to my best ability.

‘Soul’ I define as that aspect loaned to us that is Divine, of God. “God” is another word long obfuscated with many sentiments and opinions and I will define that simply too.

“God” is that which is LOVE…..a Love which is all inclusive of all things GOOD….for which Beauty is the result. It is all Beauty, all harmonious, all magnificent, (look at raw landscapes on earth, or deep space), all peaceful, all joyful, all living, eternal. That is my definition of “God” that I am using here.

Back to “Soul”……..”Soul” is that aspect of God that we have within us. It is liken to a spark from the GodFire. It is that Living Spark of the Divine within us, because it is a piece of God. This Soul, piece of God, we have within, or that which has taken our body to express, is Divine/God and that makes us also Divine. All of that which possesses this Soul is the same…..all possess the same Virtues, the same Love and Beauty of this Soul/God. That is why when people who possess this beautiful soul live together, there is harmony and beauty. Soul does not die, it lives eternally. Which is what makes it so exquisitely ethereal. It has forever, is timeless and is very dignified. It requires palatial hearts and beautiful environments to live in. It revels in feelings. It prefers to be invited.

Though this Soul has been compromised and that is the point of this article.


“Spirit” is that which animates us, has personality, likes, dislikes, preferences, moods, etc. It is like ego, or could be the ego itself. To me this is ”spirit”. Some meta-physicians use ”spirit” and ”soul” in the opposite manner that I use them, and that is ok…..but I have my understanding in this way so will continue to do so. I also prefer to use ”spirit” as a smaller (egoic?) aspect of us because when we consider disembodied spirits, etc, they are referred to as ‘spirits’, and often these spirits have personalities, behaviors etc and because they do not possess virtue or are tormented etc, are not divine, and so I do not consider it “Soul”….just ”spirit”. Another reason I believe this is many of these spirits are typically demonic….not Divine…….and they haunt places….and some people house these demonic spirits and need exorcisms because they torment the person and others. These are spirits, are personalities, not virtuous nor divine. Also when we look at some very lackluster people…..we often say, they possess little spirit, not much animation. Spirits are not eternal, are born and die. They are born of intention of mind, such is the power of mind. And they can die with the same intention. Spirits are the derelicts of Spiritual Society, they don’t care for manners or cleanliness and live in any kind of filth anywhere. They are not choosy and only seek to live hard and fast because they know how temporary they are and vehemently live out their short lives in desperation.  It thrives on sensation. These ones require no invitation but insinuate themselves wherever there is no objection. These ones are impolite and walk in where they choose.

This is also why I believe the demonic ones, or satan etc is not of God, but a huge out of control, egoic synthetic monster of a spirit gone rabid. 🙂 He is neither virtuous, nor loving….simply, not of God.


Moving On.


“Soul”……I know it is of the Divine and that this Soul has been expressed through the many bodies of humans and other beings, but all who possess this One God/Soul are of the same Divine Nature. This is why they live in harmonious symbiosis because it is all of the One Soul…..even if shared with seemingly separate and dissimilar bodies….bodies of human, (some aliens?), animal, mineral, trees…..all share this Beautiful God in separate expressions we see as the 5 Kingdoms….Human Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, and Spiritual or Metaphysical Kingdom.

Yet all these Kingdoms live harmoniously as One Soul.

The Soul is eternal, all wise, all knowing, all everything. WE exist. WE Live. Eternity is Ours. The signature of this Soul is Care…. for all those of all of the Kingdoms……all of them……without exception. When caring of all the kingdoms is expressed, we are living One Soul.

This was a beautiful creation. It could have worked. But something went wrong. I’m not going into that because I don’t know precisely what. But what I can do is describe where humanity is now and what is wrong now. Yes, there is something wrong, it is NOT in Divine Order and if you think it is, then you may want to abandon this article right now.


This Soul is Sacred. There is a profound luminosity that marries the Soul with Heart, and this marriage is Sacredness. Those with Soul know very well what this Sacredness feels like… is like the moment we witness a new born child open its eyes and look at you with recognition. It is like coming suddenly upon a vista of mountains and trees that take your breath away. It is like the moment a human being has turned a contentious moment into a divine one by speaking words of kindness that pierced your heart unexpectedly. Your heart has felt the Soul.

Eternity is not long enough to experience the myriad ways in which this can express itself.


Soul….this Divine thing…..this aspect of God… what gives us Life. I think nothing can have Life without first this Soul giving it Life. Not life of Human, nor tree, nor crystal can be born without this Soul.

There is however, such a thing as synthetic ‘life’….one can use biological materials to fake this.

What has happened tragically is that this Soul has been evicted, if you will, by thieves who want both this Soul and the creations of God. They do this via terrorism, creating traumas of all kinds, and what is left of the traumatized one is animation by spirit only and a race of people who live for biological needs or superficial desires, this Soul of original Life vacated, leaves only biology behind. Aspirations and Dreams and Gardens of Delight are no longer considered. We are then in survival mode.

This has been done to the Ensouled Ones…..deliberately I find. And this means a body vacated of Soul can be occupied by spirits……of all kinds. Every ensouled being has been compromised in varying degrees on this entire planet, which has already been infested by a powerful synthetic evil. People have become shells of humanity, void of Divinity, and gullible to any parasite.

Enter the parasites. Of which there are many.

So we live with many animated beings who have had their Soul evicted and are left with spirits of all kinds of personalities, egos, and basic drives which leaves many of us with a bad taste in our mouths, so to speak. I personally find the majority of people today are these animated soulless ones. The world we see today filled with millions of people who commit atrocities, and those who feel nothing from this and few families who are bonded by kindness and love, are the evidence without question.

Parasites by nature are those who need a host to live off of. Anything or anyone who needs us in any way to live through is a parasite. Parasites can be renegade spirits or aliens who take over many bodies and live through people, even corporations. We see this all the time even if we do not know that person is without Soul but an interloper. Time can reveal this.

But scarily, parasites can be very sophisticated intelligent things which can create elaborate plans to cause massive numbers of beings to have their souls flee so these ones can live their iniquity through the very sensitive and sentient bodies God created for Divinity over long periods of years so that we do not even see it. This has been done, with very long winded intricate schemes and plans on Humanity. It has already been done. Books have been written about this and so I will not go into the many many ways it was done.


My point here is ”how” was this Divine Soul vacated, or caused to flee? How does it flee and where does it go? How do you get it back. Who knew what it takes to rid bodies of Soul? and why did they do it?


Well I only have a few theories, but they fit what I’m seeing in the world. I believe this Soul is an extremely ethereal thing, a whisper of substance, delicate and sensitive, even fragile. I never believed my essence could be a frail thing, yet I suffered terribly throughout life as I experienced people and what is happening on Earth with everyone everywhere, and especially what so called ‘family’ does to one another…..the most sacred unit in all the cosmos, “Family”…..has been desecrated……how?

As I went through Life, I experienced traumas simply by witnessing crimes, or even the hurts and pains of others. What I called ”sensitivity” was really a transaction taking place in real time, in real physicality even if this physicality was invisible. What this ”transaction” was, was the witnessing of pain and hurt in others caused a piece of my soul to shrivel up in horror and flee. Because I didn’t know how to handle this pain or trauma, it fled, it could not be in the same company as pain. It never occurred to me a piece of me was leaving. I could feel a certain void, but didn’t understand.  It happens every time you witness horror, terror, pain, suffering, whether in your life or even through media, it happens. Any experience of the Divine’s Creation going through a pain from human to animal to tree will experience this on the level of Soul. A piece of your soul will vacate through stealth means in so many ways through circumstances in our reality called the matrix deliberately set up to do this. Every time you experience road rage and have to contain what you cannot express, you have a piece of your soul taken. Every time you have to work at a job you hate, you give a piece of your soul away. Every time you take abuse you give a piece away. Soon there is nobody home.

The Divine was never equipped to handle pain, it did not create it, it created harmony. Over a lifetime, with all of these experiences of pain from all directions, you become more and more vacant, more and more simply a biology that lives to sustain biology. You eat, grow old, sick and die.

Every time we witness The Pain, to which we have no answers, a piece of us flees. We find ourselves losing much of the Divine Virtues…..such as the ability to Dream, to feel joy from imagination, a desire to celebrate…..we lose these things intrinsic to Divinity. By the time we are adults, it is clear we have lost that childish enthusiasm that makes Humanity a Joy, and we become burdens to our selves. We look at children and wonder what happened to us. We bear children hoping for its return.

I know now, my soul broke, cracked into many pieces every time I experienced Pain….the evidence of the lack of Soul…..a murder, a rape, war, a betrayal…….those things we can safely call ”evil”……and that Soul cannot be near it.

I know now that the Heart is the instrument of this Soul….and that it feels and radiates this Soul Presence, and chooses how to express this soul….it communes with mind to find creative ways to do so, and lives to express God. After a lifetime, my heart no longer knew how to strum those beautiful songs of the Soul. My heart was hurting too, being an instrument that no longer knew how to play. It would swell up and ask to be played, but I could not get a tune out because too much of my soul was missing, the composition incomplete.


This has happened to an entire planet of Ensouled Beings. No land on Earth has a population of Joy.


Not by mistake, but by intent. A force that is far more cunning than Soul has done this. Soul, being pure of essence needs no such wiles and has no defense against it, has been taken advantage of this vulnerability. It took me many many years to understand manipulations, and I’m still learning, do not recognize when I see it. I don’t like it, I don’t want it. Divinity doesn’t need wiles nor cunning…..but evil does… has to fool everyone, and it does. It is still surprising to me to see how vulnerable Soul is…..I would think it was impervious to everything, the strongest thing in the Universe! It is not… is the most vulnerable in all the Universe. And so causing Soul to flee many people has been not only easy, but also surprisingly so to those who knew just who they were evicting. This ease of evicting God/Soul from humanity has caused a hubris amongst the thieves, who have continued unabated and conceitedly to show themselves, though few can believe them. They are proud of their deeds.

The Soul remains in a state of exile, evicted and waiting to be called back, to be retrieved, to return to their rightful domain of the HuManE Being.

The thieves are many. Some call them demons, some call them greys….call them what you will, they are thieves, and their names are not the question…..the question is how?

Apparently they know us better then we know ourselves. We used to know ourselves, that is until all traces of this ”knowing” was erased by many means. Erasing written history and replacing it with ape-shit. Erasing memories through technologies and replacing that with religiosity. Disconnecting us from the Mother aspect of all Life and replacing it with murderous ”father” figures only. Taking our waters, Earth, skies and foods and assailing them all with uncountable toxins for mutation upon mutation.

And in between lives there is massive manipulation. We no longer know who or what we are.

But they do. And they want more.

It seems they want not only this planet, and our bodies….they have that, it is clear. They want more. They want our Souls…..makes us wonder, or it should make us wonder …what it is exactly.

Well I have defined it above and with that I can see how they want what they are not. It is a kind of jealousy that is beyond comprehension. And these thieves have figured out how to take over, evict and compromise the Soul. This was done right in the open with our eyes open, but extreme ignorance on our part didn’t allow us to see. Some of this ignorance was also their doing, for why would they want any opposition? They set it up so there wasn’t any but when there was, there was murder, brutal murder, mass murder. Because they know how we function better than we do ourselves, they could manipulate with very long winded and elaborate plans to take over. And they did. And what warnings came from those with eyes to see were ignored. Ridicule being the most potent of blinders. Arrogance sealing it.

If this Soul is not the iron clad fortress I thought it was, being a thing of God, then its vulnerabilities became known to the thieves and they ran with it. We, not knowing about this, were gullible to it. It has been written in almost every sacred text about these thieves, and they are called many things, but the common theme is they are after Souls……why have we not investigated this with more passion? Because passion is a thing of the Soul and that Virtue went with it when it fled. Apathy replaces it.

The thieves work on us not only in our lives, through traumatic birthing processes in clinical hospitals surrounded by stainless steel, strangers, and unloving inorganic lifeless surroundings, that the Divine Soul born through a baby begins to already feel a need to flee. Then once vaccinated and circumcised is further traumatized. This is apparent by the crying. That is right, crying is a sign of distress. Mostly these days, the traumas begin long before birth but during a loveless conception by parents who unconsciously conceived. This unconscious conception invited a soul but the environment was too hostile to remain, so it left and a vacancy was created and a soulless spirit animates the baby. Often they are born this way, often it happens after the birth. Then it goes on in so many ways, that an inhumane life style is what this child is born into because our life is an entirely alienized one filled with machinery, detached emotional bonding of family units, many of whom are incapable because they are without soul but in possession of wayward spirits, and technocratic lifestyles which deliberately tear us away from our Green Kingdom families……far away….so far we don’t even recognize them as family. All this is an alienized reality, a false matrix created for us by a cunning manipulative set of thieves who have infested our world long ago. Indigenous peoples knew this, but of course they were systematically and brutally eliminated from our lives to erase any reminders of what it means to be HuMane.

The thieves also work on our Soul in between lives. And this is where it gets interesting. How do they do this? Well, being the ”sophisticated, highly intelligent, top of the food chain” species that we are (!?), I would say, that we don’t know….that is, the general public do not know. But those men who have been in collusion with these alien/demon thieves have formed unholy alliances with them via masonic handshakes to ensure this takes place….these are the ”blessings” of our father/leaders.

In between lives, the thieves see this Soul either as a field of impulses of electricity or magnetism or plasma or something…..but they see it and can access it…..then they hack it. They seem to be able to impose their own imprint in some way though they cannot destroy the original pristine one. It also seems, they can take this Soul and imprison it in between lives. I don’t think they want to destroy it, but are trying to mutate it in all manner of ways to infuse themselves into it, to get to merge themselves with Soul. This is pure sickness, psychopathy at its abysmal depth. I do not believe this Soul is corruptible, but it can be manipulated into leaving and remaining in hiding. But they can never truly contaminate it in any way.

It seems the thieves also postulate themselves in between lives in the ethers and pose as guides and such and tell people they need to return, either back into bodies broken in accidents or to another new life to continue to be a vehicle for their iniquities or simply a passive aggressive minion. This implies there are massive numbers of these spirits wanting to live through humanity and there are.

How do we do get Soul back? We try to understand the nature of this Soul….we try to understand what the thieves know. They know its vulnerabilities, and therefore we must know them too. They know how to make it flee and therefore we must know this too. They know that incessant trauma and terror are instruments used to cause Soul to flee or to break into pieces, and we must know this too. They know that Souls can be retrieved through this knowledge and we must know this too. They know that Souls are frequencies invisible to the naked eye but measurable by behaviors of those in possession of Soul. And we must know these behaviors too. They know that Soul is the only legal occupant of these bodies and that once we realize this we can re-occupy our selves in totality and that when we do this, they are gone. We need to know this too! They know that once we realize they are here and doing this massive scale eviction of Souls from Humanity through their instruments of terror, horrors, wars, psychotronics, technologies, movies, machinery and every abomination created by the artificial intelligence of evil who is against the Divine, that we will come to know who they are and what they do and they will cease to be effective upon us. As is everything else on this Earth, it is all a tragic paradox….that synthetic evil controls organic good. This is our situation. We must reverse engineer what has been done. Look into history and see it from this point on back, and retrace our known history and then begin to treat our current states with the opposite of what has been done!


I do feel the false matrix realities they give us needs to be entirely dismantled so the natural truth of reality of Soul can be reinstated. This will require massive amounts of people engaged in calling back to them their Souls.

I dont know where the Soul goes when it flees a traumatized person, maybe hopefully to some pristine place in nature until it is called back to the body it was given. But I do know we need to engage in earnest to do this, if we are this being who was meant to be Divine, with Soul, and the expression of every Beautiful thing ever imagined, then we need to be reminded with that tiny spark of Soul we still may possess, to find a way to ignite it into a flame and regain some strength of dignified spirit to being this work of reuniting our bodies and souls into a Divine Union. I believe Real Love, intense Love of Soul, of Self, and of God can call this Soul back quickly.

I don’t think we have a moment to lose. There is no one to help us with this. The Soul, God itself is willing to come back but only into a body that is friendly and loving to it, and who will protect this Soul within and give it a Palatial Heart to live within. This Ensouled One then moves it’s Caring on to others, then on to other Kingdoms with this Soul… all of Gods creations demonstrating the Essential Nature of Soul…..expressed to all within the Singularity of the One Divine Being.

We need to do this now. Time is of the essence.

A thousand blessings to all,