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The Hidden Truth Behind The News

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Hillary Clinton was “Hell bent on going to war with Iran” but was there some other secret agenda when she attempted to visit Iran?


Commander Price,  a top rate US Navy Seal was portrayed as taking his own life whilst serving in Afghanistan (truly an insult to his outstanding service)……….this man deserves better recognition for loosing his life whilst on a special ops mission to Iran with Hillary Clinton than being blamed for his own suicide!!!

Obama 1

This master of deceit certainly knew what really happened to the “Bitch from hell”


Her office staff certainly knew what happened to her when they presented her with a crash helmet on her first day back at work

“To Wear When She Next Goes Flying”


This man certainly had first hand information on the day of the crash that nearly took her life – “Pity Really”

State Hillary Clinton leaves New York Presbyterian Hospital on 2 January.

The medical team at New York Presbyterian Hospital certainly knew the difference between a blood clot and injuries sustained in a plane crash!!!


The staff at the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain had first hand knowledge of the “Black Ops Mission & Subsequent Crash”

Obama - Clinton

“It great that the sheeples here didn’t know about your covert trip to Iran…….oh boy didn’t we do a good job getting Commander Price’s body back to Afghanstan and faking his own suicide?………oh well at least it delayed the Benghazi (False Flag Operation) that we well and truly stuffed up on………..as long as you watch my back, I’ll watch yours and we should both get away with this!!

It was interesting to read someone else’s interpretation  of calling them the “Butcher of Benghazi”, otherwise known as President Obama and Hillary Clinton,  the most secretive, corrupt, extremist, left wing and lying administration that America has ever had the misfortune  to run it.  It has been built, intentionally, right from the beginning, prior to 2008, on a block of lies, fraud, treason and mis-information.



The following information has come to light which throws an air of secrecy on a trip that Hilary Clinton made in early December 2012

Was the world’s media censored in covering a fatal accident that nearly killed Hilary Clinton in the Iranian City of  Avaz and how did this small  military aicraft, carrying such high profilepassengers end up in Iran when such an aircraft carried sophisticated navigation equipment and would have normally flown coastal from Bahrain to overhead Kuwait and onwards to Baghdad as shown in the map below.

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