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returnofarchonsI think I must clarify a bit what the matrix is, to my mind, so that
when we speak of it we are on the same wave.
The matrix is composed of many things…..from the top are the archons,
which seem to be some kind of single cell looking shadow thing, which
can appear microscopic to many miles across in space. Even the old Star
Trek series made a show called ”Return of the Archons’‘ in which it
looked just like that. Some have photographed them, and have them on
their sites, like Robert Stanley of Unicus Magazine, and another I
cannot remember his name. Don Juan calls them the flyers and John Lamb
Lash talks about them extensively. Basically they are a parasitic
psycho-spiritual infection of the most negative kind. They have given us
their minds, Lash says and I agree. They work through the mind, they
sound like yourself speaking, and they are always negative. They work on
everyone. Some are resistant for unknown reasons.
There are other things of this matrix, and those are the negative
spirits, who are waywards of any kind you can name, shadowmen, demons,
disincarnates etc who also are telepathic and speak through your own
mind. Some say these ones speak through those who commit the most
violent crimes, when they get caught say, the voices told them to do it.
Then there are the dracos, reptilians and grays…out for entire planets
and civilizations especially ours. Then we have organic portals, or
soulless ones who do bidding of any dark entity. And then there is the
mind control of the human patriarchy, their flourides and chemtrals and
their militarized devices against the rest of humanity, frequencies such
as ELF’s extremely low frequencies, haarp, cell phone towers, powerlines
etc, and those frequencies beamed upon us from satellites and from the
moon. And then there are the sorcerers of black magic esoterically such
as masons and such who do rituals for control, and then there are the
satanists who do unspeakable things also for control of humanity etc.
Then there are the aliens, ET’s and other inter-dimensional and
intra-dimensional beings who are also engaging with humanity. Then there
is our very own, the average joe as in corps, snipers, hit men, sleeper
assassins, super soldiers, bombers, shadow armies eg: BlackWater, Z, The
Craft, self authorized assassins, then the organized military, army navy
etc, then there is the priesthood and their brainwashing and pedophilia,
the drug cartels in every country and their mafias too, then there is
the illumi-nazi's, the chemists, geneticists, weapons makers, and
rapists and organized pedophiles, banksters and murderers.
This is what I mean when I refer to the matrix…..all of it. It is all
a very black tangled web of darkness all of whom work together in a type
of unity such as I have never seen by our own beings of light.

You cannot remove one of these and be done with human suppression, you
must remove them all.

That is why I say taking down the matrix would be very ”difficult” in
our lifetime.

Yet I’m open to miracles.