June 18, 2013

It’s getting easier and easier to see that the mass media is controlled and a tool of the cabal to create a false reality for Americans so they don’t understand what is going on.

Listen to what this young girl tells us is happening in her country. It’s barbaric and inhumane, and all about greed, control and domination.

The Internet is available to nearly every citizen of the United States and Canada. Please spread the word about what is transpiring in the Middle East.

This barbarism has to end. The U.S. has no right to be there or to torture people or enable others to control and torture the people of Syria.

They are determined to ignite a third world war, and short of nuclear weapons, they will do anything.

Is the ploy not apparent? A few weeks ago they attempted to put us in fear of a nuclear attack from Korea with all the media hype. I said that was just theatre; that there would be no nuclear weapons detonated. It made no sense. The Galactics will not permit it anyway.

And now? Not a word about it. Kim Jong-Un just melted into oblivion. Their ridiculous plan didn’t work, and now they’re putting all their money and energy into Syria—demonizing the people in the Middle East and trying to make them our enemies.

That’s what everything beginning with 9/11 has been about. Creating imaginary enemies, and paying mercenaries to do their dirty work. This is where OUR tax dollars go. The sweat of your brow goes toward the annihilation of distant cultures.

There is one enemy on this planet—and it is the Illuminati/dark cabal/New World Order run by shape-shifting reptilians. They are the terrorists. They think they can do anything with impunity. They have no compassion. They are not Americans. They are not human.

They have an agenda and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. They plan to massively reduce the population anyway, so the murder, rape and torture of innocent people means nothing to them. In fact, they thrive on the pain and anguish of humans, so they create it.

The Syrians are captives in their own country while the murdering Illuminati roam free, living in luxury and planning their next attack.

Who is going to come forward and expose this? Who is going to stop these animals? Little girls should not have to live this kind of life.

Look at this Syrian spokesperson; a real Joan-of-Arc. She’s a child. She, and thousands like her have lost their innocence while we play with our smart phones and shop and buy $5 coffees at Starbucks—another Illuminati company. She is stepping forward to do the work of grown men and women; doing something she should never have felt the compulsion to do.