This is a unique take on whether we should have a united protest and what to consider if we do.  Personally I feel it is time to gather together WITHOUT the fear of what can be done to us and instead face the barrel of the empty gun in a united force KNOWING that the time is now to take back our power, our rights, and our David Griffin

Published: 27 May, 2013



What will it take for all of the excesses, unethical behavior, suppression, and downright criminality of Washington D.C. to finally be reigned-in and terminated?

Patriots and whistle-blowers have exposed the inner corruption time after time after time; people have repeatedly written and petitioned their “elected representatives” to do something; people have testified before Congress; people have repeatedly rallied, marched, and protested demanding their voices be heard, and still nothing changes, conditions continue to worsen, and the enslavers and their minions continue moving ever forward with their suppressive and destructive agendas.

It has recently been suggested that people en-masse conduct an armed but peaceful march upon the city in order to send a much stronger message, and while I can certainly appreciate the building frustration of the millions of people in this country watching a corrupt and suppressive government slowly but surely destroying this country and all it once stood for, an armed march on Washington is not the answer.

Having previously fought and commanded in many a battle in the past, I can say without reservation that that an armed march on Washington D.C., as the game boards are currently arrayed, would be an unmitigated tactical disaster for the populace.

Just what do you think they’ve been preparing for?

All it would take would be a few strategically placed agent provocateurs and covert assets, and Homeland “Security” would have just the excuse they’ve been waiting for to begin nation-wide operations on a massive scale.   Picture Boston x 10,000.

No, an armed march on Washington would be all the excuse they would need to begin the next phase of operations against the people of this nation, and justify the unbridled use of deadly force against the populace en-masse.

Why do you think they’ve been stockpiling a billion-plus rounds of ammunition?

So what can We the People do in this clearly untenable situation?

Number one:   Figure out how you are supporting or contributing to the criminal “elite” who are currently pulling the control strings on this planet, and stop doing so.   They are supported by the actions and efforts of those below.   Stop being a part of their foundation and support structure, and their inevitable collapse will be much smoother and quicker.

Number two:   Educate those around you as best you can, as to what is really going on around here.

I know from my own experience just how difficult and frustrating this can sometimes be, as someone who doesn’t want to face the truth will steadfastly refuse to do so, despite it sitting right in front of them repeatedly knocking them on the head.   But each little bit of headway you do make will contribute towards the upcoming change.

Number three:   I believe at this point, outside intervention is indeed required, but now we run into a bit of a catch-22, as the help which is needed is still a bit outside the reality level of many at the present time.

Unfortunately however, we’ve run out of time for easy and gentle gradients.

So what will it take to terminate the stranglehold the enslavers currently have on this planet?

I believe it’s going to require the help of my friends…

UFOs over Washington DC