Friends…we are going through some chaotic times. Nothing is the same that it used to be, and we will NOT be returning to “the way things were”. Many are frightened by our unknown future, because the unknown tends to make us fearful. Is the bogey-man around the corner? Will he have green skin and hold terrifying weapons to be used against humanity?

Humanity is undergoing fearful times; however, none of us succumb to fear. The scientist in me knows that chaos ultimately leads to calmer times at a higher level of order. In this case, humanity is evolving and we are having lot’s of help as we reach the next rung on the ladder. A shift in human consciousness, is a radical alteration of what has been, so that which will be, can come into play. To achieve this end, chaos must be experienced as the systems that are known, accepted and supported  collapse.

Now is the time of decision, the time of realization. You have the choice…each individual has the choice and must submit to an order of force and consciousness much greater than the individual. But you, the individual, are called on not to just suffer and endure, but become part of that greater force…a human greater consciousness.

It is a time of great change. Events are taking place globally from which is seen a building force of rebellion. This is simply the expression of a collapsing system. Become emotional, but never simply give up and give in to the corruption and control and power of this who have held it so long!

You have choice, you have strength, you have spirit..for you are Spirit. Do not panic, do not fear and hold that Spirit that walks inside of you as you walk with Spirit. Hold your heart open in trust, in faith, and in LOVE that all will be well and is simply unfolding as it needs to at this time. Let us all move forward together into the bright future that awaits.


Cynthia Rose  (